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What is VN30?

The operating form of vn30 is the underlying asset for future ETF and index derivative products.

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How to calculate index Vn30

The VN30 index is calculated based on 03 criteria: market capitalization, free-float exclusion rate and trading volume. The VN30 index has a calculation frequency of 1p/time and is reviewed every 6 months in July and January every year in order to make changes and filter a basket of 30 stocks that meet the criteria to enter the vn30 group. The put-through shares are still included in the vn30 index calculation



The formula for calculating the index vn30

In there:

Criteria for selecting stocks in the VN30 stock basket

There are 3 standard steps that have been published in selecting qualified stocks in the index basket

B1: Screening for capitalization value.

The group of stocks that satisfy the conditions to participate in the VN30 index calculation are arranged in descending order according to the average daily capitalization value of 06 months without free-float adjustment. The 50 stocks with the highest market capitalization will be selected from the top down, and the best 30 stocks will be selected.

B2: Screening for free-float.

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The free-float ratio is the ratio of the volume of freely transferable shares to the volume of shares outstanding in the market.

Stocks with free-floatB3: Liquidity screening.

After step 2, the set of remaining stocks that meet the requirements will be sorted in descending order of average daily trading value for 6 months.

The meaning of the index Vn30

Describe the performance of stocks with high liquidity and capitalization

VN30 is considered the representative of blue-chip stocks. Highly attractive to foreign investors and long-term spice investors. Because of the characteristics of large enterprises with good financial health and efficient business operations, these stocks often receive great attention from investment blocks.

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Description of industry leaders in different fields

With the criteria of stock screening, in order to enter the basket of 30 stocks of vn30, the companies are all leading the industry in a field. Movements in the free-float ratio adjustment show the firm’s internal performance relative to other firms in the industry. If the operation is not effective, it will be easy to be eliminated when there are businesses in the same or different industries removed from the stock basket.

Describe the interest of investment blocks in key areas

Since its appearance, the vn30 indexes have continuously “changed blood”, because of liquidity and investment movement, stocks showing signs of decreasing liquidity, are considered to leave this basket of 30 stocks, showing the the group of investment capital in stocks has been shifted to invest in other fields or groups of stocks in the same industry.

List of stocks in VN30 basket in 2019

STT Code Company name Volume of outstanding shares Listed stock volume Authorized capital
first CII Ho Chi Minh City Technical Infrastructure Investment Joint Stock Company 247.713 283.043 2,830.00
2 CTD COTECCONS Construction Joint Stock Company 76,379 79.255 792.00
3 CTG Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and Trade of Vietnam 3.723.405 3.723.405 37,234.00
4 DHG Hau Giang Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company 130,746 130,746 1,307.00
5 DPM PetroVietnam Chemicals and Fertilizer Corporation – Joint Stock Company 391,334 391,400 3,914.00 won
6 EIB Vietnam Import Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank 1,229,433 1.235.523 12,355,00
7 FPT FPT Corporation 678,276 678,359 6,783.00
8 GAS Vietnam Gas Corporation – Joint Stock Company 1,913,950 won 1,913,950 won 19,139.00
9 GMD GEMADEPT . Joint Stock Company 296,925 296,925 2,969.00
ten HDB Ho Chi Minh City Development Commercial Joint Stock Bank 981,000 won 981,000 won 9.809.00
11 HPG Hoa Phat Group Joint Stock Company 2,761.074 2,761.074 27,610.00
twelfth MBB Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank 2.113,398 2,160,451 21,604.00
13 MSN MaSan Group Joint Stock Company 1.163.150 1.163.150 11,631.00
14 MWG Mobile World Investment Joint Stock Company 442.786 443.496 4.434.00
15 NVL No Va Real Estate Investment Group Joint Stock Company 930.447 930.447 9,304.00
16 PNJ Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company 222,667 167.003 1,670.00
17 REE Refrigeration Mechanical and Electrical Joint Stock Company 310.051 310,059 3,100.00
18 ROS FLC FAROS . Construction Joint Stock Company 567.598 567.598 5,675.00
19 SAB Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Joint Stock Corporation 641.281 641.281 6,412.00
20 SBT Thanh Thanh Cong Joint Stock Company – Bien Hoa 525.140 586.741 5,867.00
21 SSI SSI . Securities Joint Stock Company 509.170 510.064 5,100.00
22 STB Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank 1.803.653 1.885.216 18,852.00
23 TCB Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank 3,496.592 3,496.592 34,965.00
24 VCB Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam 3.708,877 3.708,877 37,088.00
25 VHM Vinhomes Joint Stock Company 3,349,514 3,349,514 33,495.00
26 VIC Vingroup Corporation – Joint Stock Company 3,345,935 3,345,935 33,459.00
27 VJC VietJet Aviation Joint Stock Company 541,611 541,611 5,416.00
28 VNM Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company 1,741,392 1,741,688 17,416.00
29 VPB Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank 2,456.748 2,456.748 25,299.00
30 VRE ViRetail Joint Stock Company 2,328,818 2,328,818 23,288.00

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