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There is an old saying: “Illnesses are imported, diseases are exported”, which means that diseases come from the mouth, and diseases also come from the mouth. Oral karma is real, don’t sow oral karma. So what is a profession? How to TUTORIAL to avoid oral karma and accumulate virtue later.


What is a profession?

Oral karma is understood as a kind of karma, which originates from our own words. According to Buddhism, oral karma is one of the four heaviest karmas. Words, once spoken, cannot be taken back, just like a bowl of water that has been thrown away cannot be taken back.

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Vocabulary has 4 karmas:

One is a lie. The second is to speak with two tongues, two tongues are to say stably, to refute this person, to refute the other, so that they can contradict each other. The third is to speak falsely. embroidering flowers, embellishing things up, it’s not true. And the fourth is saying bad words, called speaking evil, cursing, saying harsh words.

All of these things, if they only make the slightest impact on others, will bring heavy verbal karma. That is also the karma of the mouth.

Consequences/retributions due to karmic actions

According to Buddhists, the story of a novice monk criticized a monk who chanted sutras with a voice like a barking dog. This bhikkhu has attained Sainthood, so he advised the novice monk to repent if he did not want to go to hell. Although he has repented and escaped from hell, this Sa-di still has to suffer the retribution of 500 lives as a dog. From the story we see that a word that seems to be unintentional, unintentional, does not harm anyone but suffers very heavy karmic retribution.

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Sometimes one’s words are blessed, one’s words sometimes lose their blessings. Buddhists test right on their own body and mind. When we speak about someone, about a certain Master; When I say a sentence, I suddenly see people tired, and when I see people gloomy, I know that I have said evil words, harming good fortune. Just finished saying that sentence, see people tired; After that, my head is gloomy, my blessing has decreased. It is a manifestation of evil karma, of loss of merit. Sometimes when we finish saying a word, we feel happy, joyful, peaceful, elated; That word has made me more blessed.


Rules to avoid verbal karma

Talk carefully about other people’s stories , just looking for a soul mate to talk. Talk about yourself, you should listen to what others say first. Husband and wife, negotiate together. Urgent matter, speak slowly. Things may happen, don’t talk nonsense. Things that hurt others, absolutely do not say.

Simple way to TU KAU?

Should not two or three people gather to talk promiscuously; or forming a party, criticizing this or that person, right and wrong, while they are not present. If you do so, it will easily cause insecurity in them, violate the precepts to harass the masses. Practice speech should not be marketed (denigrating, slandering others), don’t put things. When speaking, words need to be refined. just stating the main point) and plain (simple). When words do not need to be uttered, do not speak! In Buddhism, the most afraid is to say no. The person who talks about the market is the person who is not trustworthy (unreliable), only creating verbal karma. Cultivation is in this place that cultivates; if not, then the person who only knows how to eat three meals a day! Don’t criticize others as wrong, at fault. Words once uttered, you are already wrong. Therefore, the mouth is very important! Don’t talk nonsense; because saying bad things will lead to failure, and make others not at ease. If you want to say anything about others, first ask your conscience. Every day you have to train yourself to not be greedy, don’t talk nonsense. When you open your mouth, say good things, don’t continue to say worldly words, do not talk anymore. Don’t say words that make the listeners upset or sad.

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Think wisely to avoid “Vocabulary karma”:

Cultivation needs to be in agreement, not self-contradictory; that is, not to “speak the mind of a phi” (the mouth says one thing, the mind thinks one way).Training must pay attention to the oral karma. A good mouth is a good mind. Don’t think: “My mouth is not good, but my heart is good!” For people who have already left home, there are still people in the temple who talk about phi. But don’t tell them that the market is not enough. Don’t keep your mouth open as a market. Anyone who gossips or slurs about other people’s business, he is a marketer. Whenever you have free time, you should bow to Buddha and recite Buddha’s name.

That’s why the ancients taught us to practice saying “Be careful of speech, be careful of conduct, be careful of retribution” because oral karma is real, so don’t sow oral karma. Although the net of the sky is sparse, it is difficult to escape, cause and effect do not leave anyone out. Saying bad things creates karma with people, and then sometimes you will meet people who say it again, sometimes speaking more than you used to, speaking more cynically, more heavily and leading to quarrels, strife, and even enmity. should not sow karma

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