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Wholesale (Econ) Trade, wholesale.

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Intermediate stage in product distribution
wholesale /”houlseil/ noun
(commercial) wholesale, wholesaleto sell by wholesale: Wholesalewholesale and retail: Wholesale and retail (figuratively) c lot, c block adjective & adverb (commercial) wholesale, wholesalewholesale trade: Wholesalewholesale price: wholesale prices (figuratively) large scale; batches, heapswholesale slaughter: mass carnagewholesale center:wholesale facilitywholesale center:wholesale stationwholesale fair:wholesale fairwholesale price:wholesale price wholesale non-perishable goods wholesale: wholesale wholesale wholesale banking: wholesale banking activities wholesalewholesale co-operative: cooperative wholesalewholesale cut: pieces of meat wholesalewholesale district : wholesale marketwholesale price: wholesale price, wholesale pricewholesale price: wholesale pricewholesale price index: wholesale price indexwholesale trade: wholesale trade : self-loading cash wholesale central wholesale market: central wholesale market index number of wholesale prices: index of wholesale priceslocal wholesale market: local wholesale market non-perishable goods wholesale: wholesale marketstationery wholesale store: wholesale stationery wholesale agentwholesale agent: wholesale agentwholesale and retail: wholesale and retailwholesale cooperative: wholesale cooperativewholesale cost: fee wholesalewholesale dealer: wholesalerwholesale goods:wholesale house:wholesale house:wholesale inventory wholesalewholesale price index:wholesale price index up wholesale (to …) buy gomby wholesalewholesale co-operative wholesale market co-operative wholesale market nd retail distribution distribution, wholesale and retail consumption. wholesale bank wholesale business wholesalewholesale buybuy wholesalewholesale buyerwholesale buyerwholesale



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the selling of goods to merchants; usually in large quantities for resale to consumers


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sell in large quantities


selling or related to selling goods in large quantities for resale to the consumer

wholesale prices


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