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Many people find that 0964 is not a beautiful number because there is the appearance of the number 4. But what is the beginning of 0964, and the true meaning of this number will be decoded right in the post shared below. Here is ours.

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What network is the prefix 0964?

What network is the prefix 0964? Some people think that this is the number of Vinaphone, others claim that this is the beautiful number of Mobifone. But the correct answer is that this is the number of Viettel network operator – the big network operator in the Vietnamese digital sim market today.


The number 4 is considered an unlucky number, so when choose sim so beautifulmany people are afraid of subscribers with the first number 0964. So what is the real meaning of this number, please continue to learn in the next section.

The mystery of the meaning of the first number 0964 is revealed

To help you use the sim to better understand this number, we would like to decipher the meaning of this number in the next section.

Meaning of the number 0: The number takes the form of a round and complete project, a reminder that people should not calculate and compare to have a more peaceful life.

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Meaning of Number 9: The truth about the number 9 perhaps we don’t need to mention too much anymore. The number 9 is known as the number carrying a lot of good energy. The number 9 is the number symbolizing the supreme power, the number 9 is the number symbolizing longevity and eternity.

The meaning of the number 6: If you notice, the number 6 is the reverse of the number 9, but the value that the number 6 brings is not the opposite of the value of the number 9! The number 6 is the number representing “fortune” to bring luck and fortune to the user. It can be said that the appearance of the number 6 in the beginning of the number 0964 increases the value of the sim number a lot.

Meaning number 4: In fact, many users will probably wonder about the appearance of this number 4. This is a controversial number, because people believe that the number 4 is the number of the word death representing death and bad luck. But according to feng shui, the number 4 is the number that represents the ultimate and irreplaceable power. A year has 4 seasons: Spring – Summer – Autumn – Winter. Heaven and earth have 4 directions: East – West – South – North. Thus, in a positive way, the number 4 is the number representing the harmony of nature, of heaven and earth.


The clever combination of 4 numbers has created a great meaning for the number 0964. Users Viettel’s beautiful number sim The first number 0964 will bring eternal fortune and luck to the user. From there, helping clients take important steps in their career.

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So with this decoding part, you already know what the number 0964 is, right? At the sodep sim warehouse, there are many beautiful sim numbers with the first number 0964 such as: Tam Hoa, Four Quarters, Loc Phat, Phat Loc. Please contact us immediately to get your questions answered.

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