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In English, you often come across and use conjunctions and contrasting words like “but”, or “however” which means “but, however”. So have you ever seen the word “Nevertheless”? In today’s post, Step Up Will share all about structure nevertheless as well as how to use this word in English.

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1. What is nevertheless?

nevertheless (/ˌnev.ə.ðəˈles/) in English means “however, even so”. This word is used in the role of Adverb and conjunctions. This word is often used at the bridge to show that there is a contrast between two clauses.

For example:

I know everything. nevertheless, I tried to pretend I didn’t know

(I know everything. However, I try to pretend I don’t.)

I lie. nevertheless, that’s good for her.

(I lied. It was good for her, though.)

Some words synonymous with “nevertheless”: however, yet, still.

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. For example:

Lisa says she doesn’t like to eat sweets, nevertheless, she has finished the cake.

(Lisa says she doesn’t like sweets, however, she finished the cake.)

He said he loved me, neverthelesshe was hanging out with another woman.

(He said he loved me, however, he went out with another woman.)

5. Exercises with structure nevertheless with answers

Here is an exercise to help you review the knowledge of the structure nevertheless learned above:

Exercise: Choose the suitable connecting words to fill in the blanks: However, nevertheless, despite, in spite of, although

______ Jaws is one of Spielberg’s first, it was one of his best.The film didn’t receive good reviews from critics. films______, many people went to see it.They spent millions of dollars on making the film. ______, it’t as successful as expected.______ the silly story, many people enjoyed the film.______ the film was a bit frightening, I really enjoyed it.

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Although However/ nevertheless however/ nevertheless despite/ In spite of Although

Above is all the knowledge about structure nevertheless in English including definition, structure, comparison with synonyms and exercises with answers. Hope the article will help you not to be confused with any other linking words.

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