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What’s up? This is a term commonly used by young people. What’s up has just been introduced to Vietnam in recent years. This word is often used by young people in their own style. Dynamic young people who are active in art with Rap and Hiphop music. Their live shows certainly can’t be without what’s up. So what’s up? In today’s article, we will answer all of these questions for you!


What’s up?

What’s up translates into Vietnamese according to the English-Vietnamese dictionary which means: what’s going on, what are you doing. In short, what’s up means the type of question used to ask the action of the object you are talking about.

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What’s up takes the form of:

What’s up man: what are you doing bro? What’s up guys: what are you guys doing? What’s up bro: what are you doing bro conWhat’s up means: what is meant.

How to express What’s up ?



English teacher Quang Nguyen shares his memories of using language while studying in the US

Going to the US, sometimes walking on the street, someone looks at me and asks “What’s up?”.

The first time I heard this phrase was when I called my friend Chase, he picked up the phone and asked “What’s up?”.

Going back to Vietnam, watching movies on HBO or Star Movie, sometimes hearing actors say “What’s up?”, I read below the translation, “What’s wrong?

This translation makes it easy for viewers to misunderstand what’s up with what’s wrong. This kite does not match the actual usage and semantics of the word.

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“What’s up?” is another way of saying “Hi, how are you?”, usually used with close friends in informal contexts.

Usually, the answer to the question “What’s up?” is “I’m good, and you?” or “I’m fine, and you?”. Sometimes, when people answer “Nothing, what’s up?”, your friend will answer “I’m good…” and start a story.

Interestingly, this expression is so common in America that young “lazy Americans” swallow the word “what” in front of them, so the greeting becomes “sup” (pronounced “soon” – with a single sound. schwa). So, if you meet someone who says “sup”, remember to answer: “I’m fine, and you?”.

And one thing to note, “What’s up?” is a greeting, like “How are you?” but not a question.

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Hopefully, through the article, everyone will have a better understanding of the meaning of the word what’s up. Thank you for following the article.

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