What does peace mean?

What is serenity?? What is peace?, What is life like? at ease. Let’s learn the meaning of the word natural below to enrich your word knowledge.

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What is serenity?

Tranquility is a Han Vietnamese word used to refer to the state of life as well as the peaceful and quiet soul of a person. The origin of the word peace is rooted in Buddhism. Accordingly, the mind needs to be quiet in the midst of life, always keeping a state of mind that is not troubled, no worries, no worries. Only then can you find peace in your soul as well as peace in life.


In addition, peace also means letting go, in order to find inner peace, this is a form of spiritual cultivation. People’s lives are always miserable because of what they want to hold and want to possess. It is better to let go of everything to return to a peaceful, free, thoughtless life…

An here means peace of mind and body

Natural here means natural, natural.

A peaceful life is to find peace in the soul to make the soul always relax, not to worry and calculate. Everything happens according to nature, whatever comes will come, do not seek material goods and fame, but only wish for a peaceful life, a peaceful and always happy life.

What is peace?

Peace of mind It means the desire to have a peaceful and peaceful life. Everything is so light, relaxed, not looking for fame and profit, but just hoping to find peace and quiet in life.

People who live a peaceful life are less annoying to others and less affected by the troubles around them.

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What is natural peace?

Peace of mind is the slow attitude of people, expressed in their thoughts when facing life, with a message meaning.

“This life is too short, so live it happily, don’t waste it, and don’t let the worries of food and money affect your soul. Always keep your mind calm, not depressed and always optimistic and happy to enjoy the precious moments of life.

When you live in peace, you can feel peace and meaning in every moment of your life. Everything material is just ephemeral, living peacefully and happily is your journey and destination. Let your soul always be still in the midst of the torrential life.

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People who live a peaceful life are those who live leisurely, without being entangled, as well as always in control of themselves and will not be caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.






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