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As we all know, there are many words in English that can have many different meanings. This makes English learners confused and bewildered because of misunderstanding the meaning of words in some cases. Break down It is also one of the words with many meanings but is very commonly used and commonly used. To help readers avoid mistranslations of words break down In each phrase, my today’s post will go with you today to find out what break down is? What are its meanings and usage?

What is Breakdown?

1. Word type

Break down is inherently a phrasal verb with break as the main verb.

Present participle: Break down

Past participle: Broke down

Broken down

In each field, break down will have a different meaning, very rich and diverse in meaning, so it is used a lot in both spoken and written language.

So what does break down mean?

2. Meanings of the word break down

In the field of machinery and equipment

Mean damaged, not working, stopped operating….


Has your washing machine broken down again, Jack?

(Your washing machine doesn’t work anymore?)


If the central heating breaks down again, my mother will refuse to pay the repair bill.

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(If the central heating system fails again, my mother will refuse to pay for those repair bills.)

In communication, the relationship between people and people

Break down at this time means break up, break up, split, crack, fail….

It can be understood that in a certain relationship, a discussion, if because of disagreement or controversy, it fails, we use this word to talk about that failed outcome.


My boyfriend and I broke up two years ago.

(My boyfriend and I broke up two years ago.)

Negotiations between the two sides have broken down.

(The negotiation between the two sides ended unsuccessfully).

In psychology, emotions

When you can’t control your own emotions and you start to cry. Use break down in this situation to mean broken, broken, sad….


When they gave me the bad news, I completely broke down and burst into tears.

(When they gave me the bad news, I completely broke down and burst into tears.)

The boy broke down and cried when she got a bad grade.

(The boy burst into tears when he received a low score.)

When it comes to health

Now it means Health is getting weaker and weaker…


My grandmother’s health broke down as a result of cancer.

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(My grandmother’s health is slowly deteriorating because of cancer.)

In chemistry

We use this word to talk about a type matter that is split apart or turned into another substance by chemical means.


Some pesticides break down safely in water.

(Some pesticides can be safely dissolved in water.)

Other meanings of break down

In addition to the usual main meanings of break down, we will sometimes encounter it with the meaning insolvency, bankruptcy or broken, broken, analyzed, broken down….


The data breaks down into three main categories.

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(The data is split into 3 main categories.)

My uncle’s company broke down due to the covid epidemic.

(My uncle’s company went bankrupt due to the Covid epidemic.)


How to use break down in English

Capital acts as a verb phrase, so break down is also used normally like other verbs. It follows the subject and represents the action that the subject performs with different meanings depending on the situation.

Break down also needs to be divided into tenses and subject to number or plural.

Some other phrasal verbs

Break away: Run away, leave

Break forth: to break out, to break out

Break off: to loosen up, to come off, to break apart

Break in: rush in, interrupt, interfere

Break out: Onset, broke out

Break up: separation, weakening, smashing


Please translate the following sentences from English to Vietnamese. Please note, the meanings of the words break down are not the same.

Our cars break down at the side of the highway in the snowstorm.It’s easier to handle the job if you break it down into several specific assignments.Can we break down barriers ?At one point, the talks broke down completely.People broke down and wept when they heard the news.Firefighters had to break down the door to get into the flat.

Answers to exercises

Our cars have broken by the highway in a snowstorm. It will be easier to grasp the job if you divide them into specific tasks. Can we break those fences? There were times when the conversation was failure absolutely. Everyone has I couldn’t hold back my tears and burst into tears upon hearing the news. The firefighters were break door to enter the apartment.

Hopefully with the knowledge that I provide in this article, break down is no longer an English word that is both difficult and complicated for you. In any situation of the sentence, it is easy for you to translate the exact meaning of this word for you.

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