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Buffet is a form of eating originating from the West, currently quite popular in Vietnam. Buffet can be made at home, but it is mainly served at eateries and restaurants with prices ranging from a few hundred thousand to several million dong/serving. Buffet is not too expensive but not everyone has the conditions to enjoy it, in rural areas there is usually no such form.

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Buffet is a popular and very popular type of party. Photo: Internet

So What is a buffet?? How to eat buffet? And do you need to prepare anything? All these questions are answered in the article below.


3 The process of serving buffet at the restaurant4 Notes when eating buffet

What is a buffet?

In French, “buffet” means “self-selected” or “standing party”, diners can walk, stand and sit as they please. A buffet includes many different dishes, dishes are available for diners to choose from. The advantage when dining in the form of buffet is that there are few staff but can serve many people because diners are self-service. Diners will take their own cups, forks, knives, spoons… and food without restriction.


Buffet is a standing party with many dishes available. Photo: Internet

Eating buffet is a form of food according to the meal plan, paying for the package, so the restaurant will charge money based on the person, regardless of what you eat, how much you eat. The buffet has a social nature, people go to get food and can get to know and communicate with each other, so the time can last about 2-3 hours.

Common types of buffet

There are 3 types buffet The most common are:

Sitdown buffet: Large buffet, banquet space with serving counters, dining tables are set up in advance. The dishes are many and varied. Diners eat at the table and can be served drinks.Standing buffet: The party is mobile, there is no table arrangement. Diners choose dishes and use utensils directly in their hands and must serve drinks themselves.Cocktail buffet: light parties, mainly used in diplomatic exchanges. Dishes are brought to each diner on large plates and these are mostly finger food.


Cocktail buffet. Photo: Internet

The process of serving buffet at the restaurant

Prepare before receiving guests

The party space must be kept clean.

Prepare tables and chairs, plates, cups, spoons, forks, glasses…

Support the kitchen to bring dishes, sauces and spices up, place the dishes in the correct order and position according to the restaurant’s regulations.

Prepare nameplates and place them in front of the food trays in the correct positions.

Welcoming and serving guests

Actively welcome guests, lead guests into the party area.

Guests will bring their own food, so staff only serve tea, coffee, wine or upon request. In case the customer wants a drink with a special recipe, the waitstaff sends the order to the bar.

Keep track of which trays are almost empty and report back to the kitchen to refill.

Support when requested.

Paying and seeing off guests

When the customer needs to pay, the service staff confirms the last time with the guest (number of people going, extra services, …) then informs the cashier to prepare the bill. During the payment process, the staff will support and guide the payment procedures.

Observe that guests are about to leave, then pull out chairs for guests and always smile to thank them for dining at the restaurant.


Always smiling when serving guests. Photo: Internet

Clean up and set up a new table to welcome guests

Clean up dirty utensils, clean tables and chairs and prepare a new table for the next guest.

At the end of the buffet time, the service staff helps the kitchen to clean up the food trays, collect the food pickers, nameplates, cups, etc. to the right place, the dishes are washed. Then clean the food counter.

Notes when eating buffet

Currently, in big cities, especially Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, buffets are served in many places with an average price of 200,000 – 400,000 VND/serving, there are even buffet restaurants. cheap price only 100,000 VND, 109,000 VND or 119,000 VND. Depending on economic conditions, you can choose suitable places to enjoy.

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Eating buffet has special notes that you should adhere to. Photo: Internet

Buffet is a different form of eating than usual meals and parties, so when enjoying a buffet, you need to note a few things below.

How to choose dishes when eating buffet

When going to a buffet, there will usually be a lot of dishes for you to choose from, that’s why you should not go get the food right away, but go around the restaurant to see what the menu has, where the food is located to know. Which food to eat first, which dish to eat later?

Restaurants will arrange dishes in a certain order, usually appetizers first, soups, main dishes, fruits, desserts and then drinks. Or appetizers, salads will be divided into a separate counter and hot dishes such as vermicelli, pho, noodles, etc. will be divided into a counter. You just need to be careful to get the food in this order.

Principles of choosing dishes in order

Most diners often have the habit of taking many dishes of many dishes at once or choosing to eat many of their favorite dishes. This way of eating will make you full quickly and not be able to enjoy other delicious dishes.


To enjoy a variety of delicious dishes, only take each dish in small quantities. Photo: Internet

So, what is the right way to eat buffet? First, you should choose to eat dry foods such as salads, salads, etc., because they will stimulate your taste and digestion. Next, you should eat dishes such as grilled, boiled, fried, fried, mixed with dishes that can make you full such as rice, vermicelli, vermicelli, noodles, etc. Fruits, desserts, cakes to eat at the end. together.

Guide to eating buffet properly

Take the right amount of food, a little of each type, don’t take too much at once, lose others’ portions or don’t eat all of it, causing waste. You can take some food, eat it all, and then take it again.

If you find something strange, you should take some first to taste it to see if it suits your taste or not, then take more.

Eat slowly, enjoy the food while chatting with friends.

Not afraid to travel to get food and drinks. When walking, you must maintain order and be careful not to spill food on others. If you bring small children, do not let them run around in the dining area because it will affect the surrounding diners.

Things to avoid when eating buffet

Taking too much food and many dishes in one go.

Only take a certain dish in large quantities (take everyone else’s portion).

Squeezing, shoving when getting food, fighting for food when it’s about to run out.

Left over food. When eating buffet, you are free to decide the dishes and the amount of food, but the “buffet culture” does not allow excess food (except in special cases).


Food should not be left over. Photo: Internet

When should you not go to a buffet?

Do not go to the buffet alone because that will make you bored quickly. If you are a picky eater, you should also limit your choice of this form, because one thing is certain that you will not be able to enjoy the advantages of the buffer, which is the variety and richness.

Normally, to fully enjoy a buffet meal will take about 2 hours, if you are tight on time, you should not eat.

When going to eat buffet, the mood must be happy and comfortable, should not go out to eat with anxiety about anything.

People with diabetes, fatty liver, obesity, etc. should limit their participation in buffets.

Finally, you should wear loose, comfortable clothing that will help you fully enjoy the food or move to get the food more convenient.

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A good mood will help you get excited about eating. Photo: Internet

With outstanding advantages, buffet It is the most popular way to eat. Hopefully with the above information, you have more understanding about What is a buffet?know how to eat buffet properly and know what to avoid when choosing this type of buffet.


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