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Fairy tales are one of the types of folk tales, born when the society has divided into classes. Good fairy tales tell about the life of a number of characters such as: unfortunate characters, heroes with many miracles, smart or stupid characters, animal characters – strange people, etc.

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1. What is a fairy tale?

Name some fairy tales that you know and are interesting


Fairy tales are one of the types of folk tales, born when the society has divided into classes. Fairy tales often tell about the life of a number of characters such as: unfortunate characters, heroic characters with many miracles, intelligent or stupid characters, animal characters – strange people, etc. wild element. It represents people’s dreams and beliefs about good overcoming evil, good replacing bad, and dreaming of happiness.

Fairy tales have a structure of two opposing characters (good/evil), happy endings, imbued with folk philosophy: good people meet good people, evil people get revenge, greed is deep, honesty is a father’s tale. , etc…

The treasure of Vietnamese fairy tales is also rich. Fairy tales such as “Tam Cam”, “Coconut skull”, “Thach Sanh”, “Hundred-toned bamboo”, “Starfruit tree”, “Smart baby”, … are known and loved by many people.

2. Tell a fairy tale that you love. Tell me what you think about that fairy tale.

Tell the story “Starfruit tree”

Once upon a time, there were two brothers, whose parents died early, leaving an inheritance of many fields, gardens, and cattle. The brother is greedy, the younger brother is gentle and diligent. For the reason who took care of that fate, the brother divided the inheritance. Bao’s estate, the brother took over, only gave the younger and his wife a garden with a sweet star fruit tree and a hut.

The husband and wife of the younger brother diligently plowed the land to grow vegetables and fertilize star fruit trees, to earn a living. That summer, star fruit trees were ripe and golden. The husband and wife were excited and secretly excited. Suddenly, one day, a phoenix came flying. Birds eat one fruit after another. The wife ran out from the tent and said to the bird: “My wife and I only have one star fruit tree, and the bird knows where to rely on after eating all the fruit…”. Unexpectedly, the bird said: “Eat a piece of gold, make a bag of three cast iron, take it and store it”.

According to the bird’s instructions, the wife sewed for her husband a bag that was exactly three pounds. Just a few days later, the phoenix came flying, spread its wings, and landed in the yard. The younger brother sat on the bird’s back, the bird took off and flew. Crossing so many fields, rivers, mountains, seas, birds landed on an island sparkling silver, gold, and jewels. The younger brother picked up a bag full of gold. Bird took the younger brother home. The younger brother and his wife became rich.

The older brother and his wife knew about it, so they offered to exchange all of their houses and properties for a garden and a sweet star fruit tree. My wife and I happily accepted.

Not long after, the phoenix flew to eat star fruit. The bird also said to his brother and his wife: “Eat a piece of gold, carry a three-gang bag and carry it.” Being greedy, the husband and wife sewed a bag that was six gangs big. The bird promised to fly to bring his brother to the golden island. He dazzled, picking and picking up many treasures, cramming them into a six-gang bag. He climbed on the bird’s back; Birds have to flap their wings many times before they can fly. Birds try to fly over the sea; The gold bag is too heavy to tilt the bird’s wings. Suddenly, the brother and the whole bag of gold fell into the sea, dead…

Thoughts about the story “Starfruit tree”

The story “Starfruit tree” belongs to the type of magical fairy tales. The image of a phoenix that speaks human language is the most magical and attractive image. The saying of a bird, rhymes like a song. Just listen to it once and remember: “Eat a yellow tea ball, sew a three-gang bag to carry and store”. Both times the bird said the same thing, to the younger brother and his wife, to the brother and sister, the bird said the same thing. Bird is very carefree, objective, grateful, and has twice, taken his brother and brother to the golden island, fulfilling his promise of “eating a golden fruit”. The younger brother became rich, the older brother lost his body; The consequences are caused by people, not birds. Human greed is insatiable, but the carrying capacity of the divine bird is limited, it can only carry one person with a three-gang bag of gold. The phoenix in the story “The star fruit tree” is a divine bird, a bird of gratitude. The three-gang bag that the bird tells people is a symbol of discreet advice: to live and behave sensibly, not to be too greedy or too much.

Scene 1 is about the division of the inheritance. Through the image of a greedy brother, people have criticized the truths that have lost all brotherhood and sisterhood in the family about the division of inheritance and wealth, which easily makes people ugly and lowly. The more pitiful the younger brother, the more pitiful the brother.

Scene 2 is the story of the younger brother and his wife meeting the magic bird. The sweet star fruit tree with ripe fruit and branches is the result of the husband and wife’s labor. The phoenix came to eat star fruit, promising to “eat one to return the golden lump”, just as the ancients advised: “When you should, God helps you”… The younger brother and his wife were very honest and kind. Bird told to sew a three-gang bag, then the right three-gang bag. The brother who needs to exchange sweet star fruit is also willing to agree. Therefore, the younger brother became rich and happy. It is true that “in the gentle meets the good” the folk philosophy of life is extremely poignant.

Scene 3 is the story of the brother changing the sweet star fruit tree, meeting the magic bird, sewing a 6-gang bag… Every detail shows an excessive greed. Birds never harm anyone. Dead by the heavy 6 cast iron bag. Greed is deep, that’s a lesson in life.

In short, the story “The star fruit tree” is a very good story. Listen to her story, or read the story forever without getting bored. The lesson on gratitude, the belief in goodness and kindness, and the commandment of greed become deeper and deeper for everyone.

In the poem “Country”, Nguyen Khoa Diem wrote:

“The star fruit tree has eagles to perch,

Birds eat and then give me delicious food

If the land is barren, people will bloom

The flower of the earth, the one who planted the tree and built the door

When I come knocking on every door

Then trust and love will welcome me in…”.

3. Recount a fairy tale that you have heard.

Express your feelings about that fairy tale.


The hundred-burnt bamboo tree

Once upon a time, Mr. Khoai was poor. Industriousness, boring. He went to live with a rich man in the area. Phu Ong patted Khoai’s shoulder and said: “You work really well, then I’ll marry you the youngest!”. The youngest is very charming and beautiful! Khoai thought the boss was real, so he worked five times, ten times as much as before. Three years later, the youngest girl grew up to be more and more beautiful.

The rich man broke his old promise and married his youngest daughter to the son of a wealthy general. Seeing that the two families were preparing for a wedding ceremony, Khoai sought out the boss to voice his displeasure. Phu Ong Ha ha laughed and said to him:

“You go to the forest, cut down here a hundred-burnt bamboo, if you want to get married, I’ll let you marry the youngest”

Being so honest, Khoai immediately believed the rich man’s promise. He carried a knife eagerly to the forest to cut down a hundred-burnt bamboo. Past noon to afternoon, going from forest to forest, he did not find a hundred-knot bamboo! After climbing the mountain, wading through the creek, hungry and tired, Khoai was desperate, crying. Never been so sad! Suddenly there was a kind old man. Bearded white hair, hands on canes, approached Khoai, kindly asked: “Why are you crying?” Listening to Khoai explain clearly, the old man told him to quickly cut down a hundred bamboo sticks. Looking at the pile of burning bamboo, the old man said softly: “Engrave! Engrave”. Instantly, the bamboo nodes are linked into a bamboo tree with a length of hundreds of segments. Khoai was so happy, he thought of the youngest… Since when did the old man disappear! Still struggling to get the long bamboo out of the forest, he sat down and cried again. The old man appeared again, told Khoai to shut up, and then he softly read: “Engraving! Engraved!”. The hundred-burnt bamboo tree fell apart. The old man gently told Khoai to remember the spell and how to use it for magic! The old man disappeared again. Potatoes bundled the bamboo shoots, running like flying back to the rich man’s house.

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Khoai couldn’t believe his eyes anymore. The wedding of the youngest aunt with the son of the chief of staff is taking place jubilantly. Guests coming in and out are quiet and busy. Family table! Potato put down two bundles of bamboo. I know I’ve been tricked! The rich man came to Khoai’s side and smiled and said: “I need a hundred knots of bamboo, but a strawberry needs two bundles of bamboo tubes? You are clearly fooling! Come on in and sit at your aunt’s wedding!” Khoai was very angry, softly read: “`Engrave input! Engraving!”. Immediately the bamboo tubes stick together, the rich man also sticks to the hundred-knot bamboo! Both in pain and fear, the old man cried out. The chief executive officer, his son rushed over, but when he was too young, he was immediately cursed by Khoan’s spell, and both father and son were stuck to the bamboo tree. The more you struggle, the more it hurts, screaming and crying! The two guests saw the horror, everyone ran away, leaving the table unfinished. The three of them knew that Khoai was a genius; There was a miracle, while crying and begging for Khoai, he was confused. Some people gathered to ask Khoai to spare the other three. Potato calmly read: “Carving out, carving out!”. The hundred-burnt bamboo tree fell apart again. The father and son of the general manager howled, running long.

Phu Ong escaped. He was embarrassed and scared. He had to make an appointment for Khoai to marry his youngest aunt.

Say the feeling

The story “The hundred-burnt bamboo” at the end is like a comedy. The rich man has a beautiful daughter. He is a greedy, despicable man who used his daughter as bait to exploit his brother who was too honest. Only three years later, the rich man married his youngest daughter to the son of the rich chief executive. Once again, he fooled Khoai with a very painful stroke! The condition of a hundred-burnt bamboo as a wedding chopstick that he gave Khoai was actually a big hoax. Khoai “became too gentle” so he believed the boss’s promise. You are pitiful! The rich man as well as the listeners of fairy tales from time immemorial thought that this naive and honest plow brother could never marry the youngest!

But in the end, Khoai won. Brother plows poor, too honest, industrious to do business. The dream of getting a beautiful wife and children of a rich family is a beautiful and very lifelike dream! Perhaps because of that, he was supported by the fairy godfather? The mantra: “Engrave! Engrave!” made the story “Bamboo with a hundred ignorance” imbued with mythical and magical colors.

Through the role of Fairy, he had a miracle to help Khoai cast a magical spell, so that Khoai could both expose the rich man’s greedy and cunning face and get a beautiful wife, which represents a philosophy of the people’s life. ta: “be gentle and gentle”. On the other hand, through Khoai’s behavior, we see more clearly the kindness and tolerance of Vietnamese people.

4. Prove that:

“Fairy tales bring us flat dreams”.


The treasure of Vietnamese folktales is extremely rich, with magical human beauty. As myths, legends or fairy tales, although born in different social conditions, all of them strongly reflect the spiritual and material life of the community. sketch the phenomena, the origin of things around us, record the ups and downs, the historical events of the nation through many heroic and magnificent legends. There are many folk tales that have spoken about the aspirations of the people since ancient times about the strength to conquer all enemies, the dream of prosperity and happiness.

It is true that there is an opinion that: “Fellow folk tales bring us beautiful dreams”.

1. While sleeping, we often encounter dreams. Had a violent dream. Have a nice dream. Lying in Chiang Kai-shek prison (1942-1943), Uncle Ho once dreamed:

“Dreaming of riding a dragon to the upper world,

Woke up in the prison still lying still.”

It is a beautiful dream that speaks of the desire for freedom. Reading folk tales, sometimes we think we are dreaming, meeting Gods, fairies, meeting Buddhas, Buddhas… Those beautiful dreams for our childhood are really magical and happy. Folk tales seem to have given wings to our childhood souls to soar, to live in magical moments.

The world of mythical gods is lovely. Who once visited Kinh Thien Tru mountain in Hai Duong province, the vestige of God Pillar of the chaos left behind. Every autumn, watching the vast blue sky, I dream, remember, and stir in my heart the song: “Mr Tat Be – Mr. Tell stars – Mr. Digging gravel – Mr. Planting – Mr. Construction – Mr. Tru Sky”.

Do you remember the rhyme:

“The mountains are high, the rivers are still long,

Five years of revenge, forever fighting jealousy?”

Why are Son Tinh’s offerings to the Hung Kings so numerous and rare? “Elephant with nine tusks, chickens with nine spurs, horses with nine red feathers…” are treasures where are they easy to find, where are they easy to get? The towering Tan Vien mountain to the west of Thang Long citadel is a vestige, the feat of “lifting the mountain” of Son Tinh to protect the beauty, to defeat Thuy Tinh. Son Tinh is the dream of the ancients to have strength and miracles to overcome floods and natural disasters. Son Tinh… is also a beautiful dream for me, for you, for childhood near and far:

“Tan Mountain is like an ancient chicken

Giant, red crest lights up the dawn

Immense sunshine for the ripe season

Since the time when Son Tinh defeated Thuy Tinh”.

(Hui Can)

2. How unfortunate would it be to not read or hear old stories? How happy will it be to hear her tell a fairy tale? Grandmothers and fairy tales are the source of beautiful childhood dreams:

“The story of the toad, the fairy

The story of Miss Tam being gentle

Ly Thong is evil…

Her hair is gray

Her eyes are happy

She talked about forever

It doesn’t matter at all…”

(Xuan Quynh)

The Coconut Skull only has eyes, a nose… no limbs, only knows how to roll but can’t walk. You know how to raise cows well. Where did you find ten pieces of peach silk, ten fat pigs, ten jars of toothpicks, and a pint of gold nuggets that would be enough to marry the beautiful youngest daughter of the rich man’s daughter? Coconut skull… polite boy… mandarin poinsettia, .., a magical incarnation that has become a beautiful dream of the people, of the “small” people who are unhappy in the world.

The phoenix can talk and is very affectionate with the promise: “Eat one, return the gold, sew a three-gang bag to carry it.” The white bearded fairy gave Khoai the spell “Engrave in! Carving out!”; The Buddha and the sparrows, the embroidered shoe with the image of the beautiful Miss Tam meeting the Prince on the festival… all have become the beautiful dreams of our people for generations about happiness, prosperity, and a change of life. . Magical fairy tales have raised our souls with many beliefs and beautiful dreams:

“I grew up with so many true beliefs

How much happiness there is in life

Even to the bitter stamping buried

That Miss Tam also returned to be the queen

The tree has an eagle to perch

The bird eats it and then returns it to me…”.

(“Country” – Nguyen Khoa Diem)

3. Folk tales, especially legends, with magical elements, legends and miraculous images have become magnificent patriotic songs that bring us many beautiful dreams. The stretching of Saint Giong, from a boy to three suddenly became a majestic and majestic hero. The iron horse spewed fire, and Giong swung the iron whip to beat the An invaders. The iron rod was broken, Giong plucked bamboo as a weapon to beat the enemies to death like stubble. After defeating the enemy, Giong flew to the sky. Giong is the dream of Vietnamese childhood for thousands of years:

“Every little boy dreams of an iron horse,

Every child wants to become Bach Dang”.

(“Is the country ever this beautiful?” – Che Lan Vien)

“The story of a hundred eggs” has entered my soul from the time I was in the cradle according to my mother’s lullaby. The blade engraved with two words “Thuan Thien” is a treasure of Long Quan lent to Le Loi to fight the Ming invaders. The crossbow lever of Kim Quy god fired one shot and killed thousands of enemies. Trieu Quang Phuc fought against Luong invaders in Da Trach lagoon, and was given by the Golden Dragon to remove his toenails and tell him: “Put your spear in your hat, you’ll win no matter what!”. Thanks to that, Trieu Quang Phuc was able to cut off the head of the enemy general Duong San, and recover the country.

Although historical legend has elements of myth, it has miraculously described the strength of Vietnam, patriotic tradition, the heroism of the country and Vietnamese people through glorious historical journeys. I grew up with legends. I am proud and love the country more. A country with “thousands of mountains and hundreds of beautiful rivers…”.A country with Bach Dang, Chi Lang, Dong Da, Dien Bien… majestic.

We were born and raised under the blue sky and the scent of rice is nourished by the love of our father, by our mother’s milk, by the teachings of our teachers. The sound of the lute, folk song, and Nguyen Du’s poem Kieu… have become a piece of each of us’s souls. Have you heard the rooster crowing on the deserted island?

“oh… o… o…

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Should Trang’s boat bring my aunt back?”

Do you still remember the folk song in Giong festival:

“The one with a broken nose, a broken ear,

One of them died from thorns and tusks!”?

Indeed, folk tales have brought us beautiful dreams. I feel like I hear the whispers of my ancestors from the past. And I love fairy tales even more. A wish book. A magic pen. Thach Sanh’s god altar and magic rice cooker… have become a dream and luggage in every child’s soul.

An industrious, brave, intelligent and talented people have such a rich and fascinating treasure of folktales!

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