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If you are a true Otaku, you will not be surprised to play Figure, but most people in Vietnam still do not really understand what Figure is, today in this article I will work with you to find out clearly. More about Figure.

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Example of a Figure: is a statue of a certain character from a manga or anime that is collected by Otaku

What is figure?

Figure is an English word translated into Vietnamese that means symbolic character, illustration. You can simply understand Figure is similar to a statue of a certain character in a story or cartoon, for example. It is a popular form of entertainment among Otaku people (mainly anime and manga lovers in Japan).

Learn about the hobby of Figures in the Otaku world

With the above definition, I think you still do not fully understand the meaning of this word “Figure”. Because Figures are not simply symbolic characters like dolls that children often play. Most popular in Japan and the US – “Figures” are elevated to the status of a culture, a collectible hobby, and Figures are like a spiritual friend from the virtual world to the Otaku. You can see Figure collectors as well as ornamental plants, stamps, cars, aquarium fish…

Born in 1964, but Figure really blossomed in the 1980s when the Figures can move, have joints like Transformer living robots. For Otaku, owning a Figure you love will be much better than being able to just watch your favorite character on TV, computer or drawing on paper. Collectors can fill them up with figures to look at, take pictures, then “create” “photo stories”, or even more unique, live with them, which means bring the figure with you wherever you go. my life.

What types of figures are there?

According to the latest information, Figure is currently divided into five main lines:

1. PVC figure


Listening to the name, everyone knows what its material is. Yes, it’s PVC synthetic resin. These “em” figures come in a variety of sizes, usually with a body ratio of 1/6 or 1/8 (model standard). They have beautiful “skin”, fine lines. When you buy it, you don’t need to assemble it, just look at it to your heart’s content. This is literally a “cotton vase” to show off, you can’t pose for them.

2. Nendoroids


This is a new form of PVC figure, but different in appearance. The Nendoroid comes with a big head, small chibi style, can change emotions with the included templates, and can even swap out the heads, arms, legs, and accessories for different Nendoroids. In addition, players can pose for these children. Due to the chibi style, this figure is cuter than the others.

Currently, Nendoroids have a small branch called Nedoroid Puchi (Petite or Petit). This type is a bit smaller, usually without other faces and accessories, and a box usually contains many babies. Cheaper price.

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3. Figma


Figma is a combination of a PVC figure and a Nendoroid. Their arms and legs in this series are as easily customizable as a Nendoroid, but not as pretty, as the figure is able to move around thanks to its round plastic joints, giving it a more unreal and doll-like look.

4. Revoltech


Similar to Figma, but this Revoltech series is cheaper. The joints for the movement of the hands and feet of Revoltech are inspired by Pinocchio.

5. Trading Figure


This is a popular line, similar to PVC but with low quality and much cheaper price, small and medium size. Currently, Kotobukiya’s One Coin series is also quite attractive.

Today’s main figure manufacturers

Good Smile: A leader in the Figma and Nendoroid series, the figures are so cute and fluid. Max Factory: Slightly worse than Good Smile, the finished product is quite rough. Kotobukiya: Highly detailed figures, jewelry included outstanding, fancy pose.Alter: Mainly based on the characters in the game, sharp details, but the face is not very god. Kaiyodo: The figure is a bit stiff but the face has a god and the customization is high.

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The price of a Figure ranges from 2,000 to 10,000 Japanese yen depending on the materials used, the customization of the figure’s shape and emotions.

Above is quite interesting information about Figure. Hope after this article you will understand what Figure and figure hobby is. The article is compiled from many sources that may have incorrect information, please comment and comment below the article for us to update and amend. Thank you!

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