What is a hanging stamp?

When opening a business, one thing is for sure, you must have your own stamp, because it is an indispensable item for the operation of the business. However, many businesses face the dilemma of managing and using the seal or document stamping method in the right way and in accordance with the regulations. There are many types of signs such as: signature stamp, title mark, copy mark of original, as-built drawing mark… However, there are two common ways of stamping that many people are most interested in, which are Hang stamp and border seal.

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How to seal hang regulations

To distinguish what is a hanging stamp, what is a hybrid border seal, we need to understand the following concepts:

1. Seal hanging

Concept:Hanging stamp means using the seal of an agency, organization or enterprise to affix on the first page, cover part of the name of the agency or organization or the name of the appendix enclosed with the main document. Normally, the name of the agency, organization or business is usually written on the left side, at the top of the document or appendix, so when the stamp is hung, the competent person will stamp on the left side, the seal will be overlaid on the name. agency, organization, name of that appendix.

Frequently used text:

– Bill

– Confirmation for professional departments for students’ internships.

– Notification documents in agencies and organizations.

Legal:The hanging stamp on the document is to confirm that the text is stamped as part of the main document.

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Seal the hanger in accordance with regulations

2. Seal hybrid border

Frequently used text:

– Usually used when businesses enter into contracts.

– Photo of identity card

– Degrees of all kinds or official documents with photos.

Legal:The cross border stamping does not help affirm the legal value of the document.

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Pictures of seals and seals

Hopefully, through this article, you have somewhat solidified the knowledge to use the correct seal. In addition, if there is a need to make a seal, cheap and fast stamp engravingplease contact us via hotline 0903667436 for a free consultation.


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