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The term Host is used a lot on Airbnb – one of the channels OTA Popular rooms for sale today. With the following article, webgiaidap.com Will find out with you in detail What is a host?? And what is it like to become a legitimate Host?


What is a host – how should it be understood most accurately?

► What is Host?

Host (host) is a specialized term to refer to the owner of an account that sells rooms on Airbnb – distinguished from Guest who is a guest of the room.

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Whether it is a house with an empty room for rent or a dedicated homestay, it is a form of room sales. Becoming a legal host means that the person who wants to sell a room on Airbnb must complete all the necessary legal procedures.

► Legal procedures to be followed to become a Host

– Registration of individual business households

If you are a self-employed individual (not a company), you need to carry out the registration of an individual business household. See details of registration procedures and forms: Here

After completing the application, you can submit it online to the provinces/cities that are currently applying online public services or submit a hard copy to the People’s Committee of the District – District where the house rental business is located.

+ Advantages – benefits of individual business households:

Avoid having to carry out other cumbersome legal procedures No need to file monthly tax declaration Compact scale, simple accounting documents Suitable for individuals with small businesses Apply flat tax (5% VAT) + 5% personal income tax)

+ Disadvantages of individual business households:

Not using the withholding invoice, so no tax refund, no VAT invoice. Only doing business at 1 location, not opening dependent branches If the individual business household registration dossier is satisfactory, You will be guided to the Tax Department to declare your personal tax identification number and pay license tax.

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Application form for business household registration

– Fire safety procedures

According to the law:

+ For a business establishment that provides accommodation with 7 floors or more for foreign individuals and organizations to rent in or as an office, a Certificate of eligibility for fire prevention and fighting is required.

+ As for the accommodation business with 6 floors or less, a record of fire safety inspection is required.

Depending on the size of the accommodation – you need to carry out the corresponding fire safety procedures according to the instructions of the District / District Fire Police.

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– Temporary registration

The registration procedure for using the temporary residence declaration program for foreigners is currently done via the Internet. To register – you access the immigration management page of the Province/City for the room rental business and follow the instructions:

Hanoi: https://hanoi.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vnDa Nang: https://danang.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vnKhanh Hoa: https://khanhhoa.xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn

– Electronic tax declaration and payment

Besides, being a legitimate host is also a transparent business, not “shaking hands” with guests to avoid Airbnb’s service fees. Because then, the Host will face many risks: if the Guest damages the furniture, no one will stand to compensate for the damage, or the biggest risk is that Airbnb detects fraud, the Host’s account will be disabled. permanently locked.


Becoming a legitimate host is also a transparent business

With information to be webgiaidap.com Share above – hope to help those who are about to join the business community on Airbnb to understand What is a host? and related legal procedures to know…

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