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Explain the concept of what a license is to newbies1. What is a license?

What is a license? You can simply understand it’s a copyright, a license. To know more about License, as well as what is the license license in the computer system, please refer to the content below!


License translated from English means license, copyright. There are many types of licenses such as drivers license or software license license…

In software used for computers, license is understood in the sense of software copyright. In foreign countries, especially in Europe and America, they are very respectful about the issue of using copyrighted software. In Vietnam, the use of copyrighted software is very rare, because most users prefer to use free and cracked products more.

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2. Software license example

Single user — Software licensed for one user and usually one computer.

Multi-user — This license allows you to install a program on multiple computers that are used by multiple users. Usually, this can be a number of users. For example, a five-user multi-user license allows up to five people to use the program.

Site license — This license allows the program to be installed on an unlimited number of computers with an unlimited number of users, as long as they are in place of the site license. Site licenses are generally for schools and businesses.

Licenses are not always easy to obtain and may depend on the amount of digital material used and/or if the user can demonstrate that the license will be used in good faith, meaning is that it will not condone or negate the profits or rights of the original copyright owner. Technology is also licensed for patent or copyright protection.

Why use licensed software? What is a license?

The first thing is to use licensed software that makes you more secure that there is no virus hidden in the software when you download cracked applications.

Get maximum support from software developers and of course always update to the latest versions of the software.

Another part is to pay the people who make the software, to be able to expand the software for you to use.


1. The harms of not using licensed software

When using non-copyrighted software, of course you cannot update to the latest updates.

It is possible to get a virus that steals information on your computer, harms your computer and slows it down.

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2. Types of Software Licenses There are different individual software licenses from which you can choose:Perpetual: This allows the customer to install and use the software for an indefinite period of time. There is limited technical support, usually 90 days.Registration: This license entitles the user to use the software for a certain period of time. It will include technical support and allow users to access upgrades or patches offered during the subscription period.

At the end of the subscription, the user has a number of different options, such as:

Removing software from the deviceFreeware: This license is provided by the creator that allows the user to use the software for free without paying any fee.License: This allows a period of use. try the software. If users like it, they can pay the sharing fee or stop using the software.3. There is also an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Special Channel License: The license includes software for laptops and standalone personal computers that must be packaged alongside the computer system and is not sold as a standalone product.Educational software: This is any software labeled for distribution to students and educational institutions at a reduced cost. It is labeled for such use. Not for resale: This license specifies that it is provided by the software vendor to the distributor and is marked NFR. It is not licensed for commercial distribution. Concurrent use: This license will require you to purchase a license for all of the people who will be using the software at the same time.

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How do you decide how many licenses you need? What is a license?

For companies, businesses and organizations that need high security requirements, they should buy a license for the software and devices they use.

A software product is grouped according to different levels: Product Pool, Product and Edition.


Product (Product) Software products. Examples include Office, Visual Studio, Windows 2000, or SQL Server.

Edition Describes the features included in a product.

What kind of license does an office computer system need at least? What is license 1. Server License (Server License)

Includes two types of licenses:

License for Windows operating system on server such as Windows NT (all editions), Windows 2000 Server (all editions) Windows 2003 Server (all editions) License for host application (Application Server) such as Microsoft Exchange Server (all editions); Internet Acceleration Server (all versions); MS SQL Server (all editions)…

License for the workstation (Client License) and applications on the workstation: Includes the license for all applications installed on the workstation. Such as: MS Office (all versions); MS Visual Studio (all versions); in case these applications are installed on the server, the license also needs to be applied.

License for application access on the server (Client Access License — CAL): Server access license — Windows Client Access License or host application — Appication Server. That is, you need at least the Windows CAL and if there is a host application installed in the system, you need to buy an additional Application Server CAL.

There are two types of CALs:

User CAL — access by the number of usersDevice CAL — Access by the number of devices

The number of CALs, as well as the type of CALs that need to be purchased, depends on the company’s needs. If the company has many people using the same computer, it is recommended to buy according to the Device CAL; On the contrary, if in a company, one person owns many computers, it is advisable to buy under User CAL.

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2. Example

Company A has 100 employees using 60 workstations (desktops) using Windows Vista Business; 1 server installs Windows Server 2008 Standard to manage network resources and installs Exchange Server 2007 Standard on that server to send/receive mail.

Installed applications include: Windows Sever 2008 Standard; Exchange Server 2007 Standard; Office 2007 Standard. The number of licenses the company needs to buy is:

– License for the server: 1 license for Windows 2008 Server Standard; 1 license for Exchange Server 2007 Standard

– Workstation license: 60 licenses for Windows Vista Business; 60 licenses for Office 2007 Standard

– License for access to host applications: 60 Device CALs for Windows Server 2008; 100 User CALs for Exchange Server 2007

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