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What is an advertising billboard? What is the texture of the Pano? How many types? Where should the location be located? Those are a series of questions that you will need to know when you want to learn about this type of advertising.

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1. What is a Pano?

Advertising panels are one of the most widely used and popular outdoor billboards in modern cities and towns. The number of viewers that outdoor advertising panels bring will depend a lot on the placement of the sign. Currently, most people will use Hiflex canvas to make panels because they are a material with good color expression and high durability. There are also a few additional accessories to help the sea become more prominent, such as LED lights and headlights.


1.1. What is the structure of outdoor billboard advertising?

The structure of the panel will include an iron/steel frame, a Hiflex canvas, and a combined nighttime lighting system.

Pano is a product that requires design enthusiasm as well as expensive costs because making advertising panels is not easy, the rent is high and the size is large.

1.2. Types of outdoor advertising billboards

Types of outdoor panels The most popular today include:

1 sided wall panel. 2 sided advertising panel. Trivision dynamic panel.

2. Why should you use outdoor advertising panels?

This is considered the type of advertising that is displayed 24/24h, ensuring a stable reach The ability to reach a variety of different audiences by age, industry, and interestsStatistics of TNS have shown that 80% of Vietnamese people spend time outside on the street and this will be better accessible to the panel. Large size, placed at a high height, unobstructed, prominent and actively attracts customers. Cost, price list of outdoor billboard advertising though not cheap but really worth the quality because this is the kind of advertising that never goes “off”

3. Notes in advertising billboard design

First, a good design of a large panel requires a creative mind and a good aesthetic mind. To design beautiful billboards, please refer to the important rules given below:

Layout: Simple, clear, airy and not dense. Take 1-2 key pointsFont font: Large, straight, clear sizes should be used. Make sure it’s still clear at a distanceColor scheme of billboards: Visually stimulating colors such as warm colors, contrasting colors.Message: Concise, easy to guess and recognize, create a good memorization effect.

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4. Law on construction of advertising panels

In the Law on Advertising on large billboards, investors need to pay attention to a number of issues as follows:

4.1. Advertising license

A billboard is a large billboard – the media needs a license to advertise before it can be implemented.

4.2. Advertising panel size

The size of advertising panels in the inner city in each location, each specific installation area is different in regulations.

5. Beautiful advertising panels


6. Placement of advertising panels

Advertising panel position are often used in inner-city areas and city centers thanks to their neat and quick installation characteristics, and save more land area than advertising billboards.

As the name suggests, this type of wall-mounted billboard is usually placed on the side or in front of high-rise buildings, high-rise buildings on roads, major streets, intersections, intersections, etc.

Consult the position of advertising panels nationwide

7. Quotation of outdoor advertising billboards

Sixth Sense Media is a company providing advertising services nationwide. In particular, we currently have many advantages as well as beautiful and impressive billboard installation locations in big cities such as:

7.1. Construction of advertising panels in Hanoi

Print advertising panels in Hanoi We have a wide variety of options for investors to choose from:

Place of implementation.Number of advertising panels in the campaign. Selected types of panels: traditional panels, trivision panels, electronic panels.

Based on each criterion selected by the investor, Sixth Sense Media will provide a final quote and discount.

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7.2. Print posters for HCM

In Ho Chi Minh City, Sixth Sense Media is also currently having a lot of beautiful installation locations available with reasonable prices and attractive discounts.

All projects of printing billboards in Ho Chi Minh City or installing billboards throughout 63 provinces and cities are provided by us with a package service, supporting customers from A to Z!

To receive the most detailed quotation and refer to the available panel position our services in many provinces, please contact us directly at:

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