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In terms of organizational form, enterprises (business or business enterprise) Basic includes:

BUSINESS TYPEFREQUENTLY USED ENGLISH TERMSSingle name nice private enterpriseEnglish is called in some ways proprietorship, sole proprietorshipor individual proprietorship. This type is owned and operated by one person (owned and operated by a single person). Because Proprietorship There is only one owner, so the owner will receive all the profits but also bear all the risks with this type of business. (The owner receives all the profits and takes all the risks)Partnerships(first) Partnershipor general partnership, which has two or more owners. Participants partnership jointly liable (unlimited liability/unlimited liability) for all debts of the business (2) Limited partnershipis kind partnership there are more shareholders contributing capital with limited liability (limited liability).

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Limited (limited liability)The most typical is a joint stock company, which is corporation (Corp.). Corporation has a separate legal entity from the owner, single shareholders have limited liability on the amount they have contributed to the company to buy shares. Types of companies limited liabilitydepending on the legal space, is also organized in some specific institutionalized fashion, but still commonly clings to the name of a limited liability company, is limited company (Ltd.). In the US, there are limited liability company (LLC). However, only corporations can issue bonds.(Only corporations may issue securities,”)

Particularly for the enterprise form with limited liability, it is also divided into two distinct levels of organization: private nice privately held (internal) and public nice publicly held (popular).

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Private corporation (private corporation) nice private company) is a company whose shares are held by close acquaintances, dignitaries (officers)Staff (employees)within a company or in a narrow area.

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In some English-speaking countries, an in-house joint stock company is also known as private limited company. But when abbreviated after the company name, while Singaporeans use Ptethen South Africans and Australians use Pty nice Pty Ltdis an acronym for proprietary company(using the word ) proprietary instead private).

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