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In the productive life of society, in training technical staff, training workers, we often talk about another concept. That’s the profession.

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Professionals with common, similar characteristics are grouped into a group of specialties and are called occupations. Profession is a collection of a group of professionals of the same type, almost similar.

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Specialize is a special form of labor, through which people use their physical strength and mental strength to influence specific objects in order to transform those objects in the direction of serving purposes and requirements. and human interests.

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Otherwise: Profession is a field of labor activities in which, through training, people acquire the knowledge and skills to make certain types of material or spiritual products, meeting the needs of the people. society.Specialize is a narrow field of productive labor in which people by their physical and mental capacity create material values ​​(food, food, tools, etc.) or spiritual values. (books, newspapers, movies, music, paintings…) as means of survival and development of society. In the world today, there are over 2000 occupations with tens of thousands of specialties. In the former Soviet Union, people counted 15,000 specialties, and in the United States, that number was up to 40,000. Because the occupational system in society has such a large number of professions and specialties, it is called That system is “World of Occupation”. Many occupations are found only in one country but not in another. Moreover, occupations in society are always in a state of flux due to the development of science and technology. Many old professions have lost or changed in content as well as in production methods. Many new occupations appeared and developed in the direction of diversification. According to recent statistics, every year in the world, 500 occupations are eliminated and about 600 new jobs appear. In our country, every year in all three schools (vocational training, vocational high schools and colleges – universities) training more than 300 occupations including thousands of different specialties.


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