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tank /tæɳk/ noun tanks, tanks, tanks (water, oil, etc.) tank
Pachuca tank: storage tank Pachucaaeration tank: aeration tank (yes) concrete roof tank: Cylindrical tank: Cylindrical tank: Day tank: Day tank Floating flow tank: wellhead storage tank fresh water tank: fresh water storage tank fuel tank: fuel storage tank galvanized tank: alkaline-coated tank gas tank: gas storage tank gasoline tank: gasoline storage tank gasoline tank: gasoline ground oil storage tank: aboveground oil storage tankhorizontal piping connected to a tank: horizontal piping system connected to the storage tank hot water tank: hot water tank hot water tank: water tankinsulated tank: insulated liquefied gas storage tank: liquidlow spheri gas storage tank cal roof of tank: spherical tank roof comfortablemetallic tank: metal storage tankmud tank: mud tank multitorus tank: round multi-rimnozzle tank for tank sprinkling: jet tube cleaning oil tank: oil tank overhead water-storage tank: overhead water storage tank overhead water-storage tank: storage tank with pressurepetrol tank: tank of gasolinepetrol tank: tank of petroleum pressure tank: pressure storage tanksafety storage tank: storage tanksafety tank: safety storage tankscroll tank: storage tank with picture roller (rollable)septic tank: septic tanksewage tank: waste water tankship model test tank: ship model test tank : teardrop-shaped storage tankstock tank: storage tank storm water tank: rainwater storage tank tank battery: tank system tank bottoms: tank sediment breathing roof: tank roof (type) expansion tank capacity: tank capacity conical roof: roof conical tank tank course: belt for tank farm: tank float valve: float valve on tank floating roof: floating roof of tank gauging system: measuring system for tank gauging system: sizing system for tank tank panel roof: plate-type tank roof vent valve piping tank wagon: tank with band reinforcement: tank with belt convex roof (to reduce air loss)vaulted roof of tank: roof of cylindrical tank comfortablevertical storage tank: vertical storage tankwater tank: water tank storage tank (basic construction)attic tank: rooftop water tankcompressed -air water tank: pneumatic water tankelevated tank: tank pressurized water elevated tank: overhead water tankfloat tank: floating water tankfreshwater tank: fresh water tankgravity tank: overhead water tankhead tank: overhead water tankhead tank: pressurized water tankhead tank: water resistant tank Áproof tank: water tank on the roof -water storage tank: primer auxiliary fuel tank: auxiliary fuel tank : fuel oil tank: fuel oil tank: fuel tank fuel tank: fuel tank filler cap: fuel tank cap gas tank: nitrogen gas tank: nitrogenoil storage tank: oilpetrol tank: gasolinerefrigerant storage tank: refrigerant storage tankrefrigerant storage tank: refrigerantrefrigerated holding tank promisewater tank: water tank other fuel, and so on..Explanation VN: This is a large type of container, closed or open, used to store liquids such as water, compressed air, oil, etc., air cushion, water reservoir, automatic flushing tank: automatic water injection tank ballast tank: ballast tank (submarine)boat tank: storage tank (on board) buoyancy tank: floating tankcargo tank: cargo tankdeep tank: liquid storage tankdeep tank: feeder tank: storage tank for flotation tank: Floating tankflushing tank: sprinkler tank head tank: water tank with pressurized oil distribution tank: oil distribution tank tank capacity: tank car capacity: tank truck (carrying liquid) tank truck: car (have) tank wagon: water tank: tank water storage tank (shipbuilding) furnace tank furnace air cover trough float tank: trough ice freezing tank: ice-making tank ice-freezing tank: ice-making (water) ice-making tank: ice-making (water) ice-making tank: ice-making (water) ice-making ) ice-making tank: tank for ice-making tank Field: refrigeration oil tank: tank for armored vehicle Field: chemistry & materialscone-roof tank: hot-shaped tank storage tank: low-temperature tank: low-temperature tank activated sludge activated sludge tankactivated sludge tankactive historical hold-up tank radioactive waste stream tankaeration tankactivated sludge tankaeration tankaeration blown biochemical tank Kheneration tank aeration tank Kheneration tankaeration tankAgita blower tank ting tank agitation tank agitation tank air tank compressed air tank air tank air tank compressed air tank (ship building) air tank air tank anodizing bath or tank anotauromatic flushing tank automatic spray tank storage tanklive bait tank: fresh fish tankmolasses storage tank: tank moles tank: hot milk tank: hot milk tank molassespressure storage tank: container under pressurepressure tank: container under pressure intorefrigerated holding tank: cold storage tank g antiseptic saccharate milk tank: saccharatsludge milk tank: condensed sludge tank slurring tank: condensed sludge tank carbonation tankIFirst carbonation tankIFirst carbonation tankCo2 venting devicePrimary carbonation tankIsecond carbonation tankIFirst carbonation tankIFirst carbonation tankIFirst carbonation tankIFirst carbonation tankISulphitation tank CO2 venting tower,sulfurization acidification tank acidification tank acidified sludge tankflexible sludge tankaeration tank not notttemperating tank with thermostat. balance tank blanching tank blanching tank blanching tank blanching tank blanching tank blanching tank blanching tank bleaching tank tankcarbonization equipment noun o container accumulation tank : storage tank § agitating tank : agitator tank § auxiliary tank : auxiliary tank balling tank : container for scraped impurities § balloon roof tank : spherical roof tank § bending tank : mixing tank, mixing tank § blow down tank : quick draining tank § bolted tank : bolted tank buried tank : submersible tank § clarifying tank : clear tank, settling tank § commercial tank : commercial storage tank concrete tank : concrete storage tank § cone roof tank : cone roof storage tank § cooling tank : cooling surface, cooling tank § crude oil storage tank : crude oil storage tank § cutback tank : dilution tank, dilution tank § cylindrical tank : cylindrical storage tank, cylindrical container § day tank : above ground storage tank § decantation tank : decantation tank, decanter dehydration tank : dewatering tank depositing liberation tank : free settling tank depositing out tank : separating settling tank dewatering tank : separating water, drying tank dish bottom tank : convex bottom tank § dome roof tank : dome tank § drop tank : drip tank § dump tank : dump tank § feed tank : feed tank § feed water tank : water supply tank § filtering tank : filter tank , filter tank § flexible tank : soft tank § floating tank : floating storage tank floating roof tank : floating roof tank § flow tank : tank at the wellhead, transfer tank at the field § fuel tank : fuel tank , fuel tank § gage tank : gauge tank § galvanized tank : galvanized tank, galvanized tank § gas tank : gas tank, gas tank § gasoline tank : measuring tank § gravity tank : gravity tank, self-flowing tank § gun barrel tank : settling tank at the wellhead (small diameter but large height to separate oil, gas and water at the wellhead) § or tank : barrel water separator (using fiber pipe as filter) § header tank : reserve fuel tank § hemispheroid tank : semi-spherical container § insulated tank : insulated storage tank § leaching tank : extraction tank § liberator tank : final storage tank (before delivery) § lifter roof tank : container with roll up roof § lixiviation tank : extraction tank § measuring tank : measuring tank, measuring tank § meter prover tank : tank with test meter § mud tank : mud tank § petrol tank : fuel tank, fuel tank § positive volume tank : volumetric tank § pressure feed tank : tank under pressure sizing § receiving tank : receiving tank § recess tank : rotten scum tank refracted storage tank : cooled storage tank rivet riveted tank : riveted tank run down tank : drained tank § scrubber tank : tank gas washing § sedimentation tank : settling tank § settling tank : settling tank, precipitation tank § slop tank : liquid waste storage tank § sludge tank : sludge settling tank spheroid tank : spherical tank § stock tank : backup storage tank storage storage tank : storage tank sump tank : collection tank surge tank : pressurized tank, pressurized chamber u ground tank : underground storage tank § unit charge tank : single-pass refill tank vacuum tank : vacuum storage tank § vapor dome tank : storage tank with a raised top (to reduce air loss) § variable vapor space tank : storage tank with removable roof § vertical storage tank : vertical storage tank § volume tank : volume tank § wash tank : washing tank, washing tank § water tank : water tank § working tank : working tank, operating tank § tank battery : group of containers § tank bottoms : objects at the bottom of the tank § tank calibration : size the tank; tank dike : tank wall § tank gauge : tank gauge tank mixer : tank clarifier § tank shell : tank wall § tank strapper : tank-mounted reciprocating compressor : tank mounted reciprocating compressor

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