What is administrative reform?

Concept administrative reform what? Surely this is the question that readers are interested in right now. Because reform is simply understood as changing old things that are no longer relevant. All the information that readers need to know will be found in the article “What is administrative reform? Basic information to know” down here

Basic definition of administrative reform

Administrative reform is considered an innovative policy and work with the aim of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the state’s operations.

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Administrative reform has always taken place in all countries and is considered a driving factor to promote socio-economic development. It is the focus of work on reforming the state apparatus to build a democratic, powerful, capable and unified administration. From there, strictly follow the Party’s line and the State’s laws to serve the people.

Administrative reform can be understood as a process of fundamental, long-term and continuous change. Including the restructuring of executive power and all conscious activities of the state apparatus. To achieve cooperation between departments and individuals for the common purpose of the community. Simultaneously coordinate with other resources to create effective management and quality of goods and services to serve the people.

Basic administrative reform content

Organizational reform of the administrative apparatus – is the adjustment of functions and tasks of the Government, ministries, ministerial-level agencies, government-attached agencies and local governments at all levels to suit management requirements. the state in the new situation; Overcoming the overlapping functions of state agencies; transfer some work to NGOs for service jobs; implementing decentralization of management; improving working methods of administrative agencies at all levels; administrative modernization; Institutional reform – is to build and perfect institutions, first of all, economic institutions in the condition of building a socialist-oriented market economy; Regulatory reform formulating and promulgating legal documents; ensure strict law enforcement organization of State agencies; appropriate administrative procedure reform;Innovating and improving the quality of the contingent of cadres and civil servants – including the renewal of the civil servant management regime;Reforming the salary system of civil servants; training and fostering cadres and civil servants, raising the sense of responsibility and ethics of civil servants;Financial reform public including reforming the mechanism of decentralization of financial and budgetary management; ensuring the right to decide on local budgets; to fundamentally reform the financial mechanism for the public service sector.

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What is the concept of administrative procedure reform?

Administrative procedure reform is the reform of legal provisions on the order and procedures for exercising the authority of state administrative agencies and competent persons. As well as reforming regulations on administrative procedures and reforming the implementation of those administrative procedures

The main purpose is to ensure legality, efficiency and transparency and fairness in handling administrative tasks. Thereby eliminating the cumbersome, overlapping that is easily exploited for corruption, causing difficulties for people and businesses.

The contents of administrative procedure reform include:

One-stop-shop and one-stop-shop mechanismControlling administrative proceduresReceiving and handling complaints and proposalsReviewing and evaluating administrative proceduresEvaluate impacts of administrative procedures


Why is administrative procedure reform considered the main content of administrative reform?

Administrative procedure reform is a content of administrative reform, but is the content that most clearly reflects the relationship between the state and citizens, and is the most pressing content of people and businesses, as well as many innovative requirements in the process of economic integration. economy. Through administrative procedure reform, we can fundamentally define the work of state agencies with people and businesses; through which we can build a suitable apparatus and from there can choose a reasonable contingent of cadres and civil servants to meet the job requirements. Administrative procedure reform is a premise to carry out the tasks. content administrative reform others such as: improving institutional quality; improve qualifications, change habits, ways of doing and thinking of cadres and civil servants; assign and decentralize the administrative apparatus to perform tasks of solving problems of people and enterprises; implementation of e-government, etc. Administrative procedure reform has a great impact on promoting socio-economic development. Through the reform of administrative procedures, it will remove barriers of administrative procedures to the business environment and people’s lives, helping to reduce costs and risks of people and businesses in implementing administrative procedures. implementing administrative procedures. The simplification of administrative procedures will contribute to improving the image of Vietnam in general and ministries, branches and localities in particular before the domestic and international community, improving its ranking position. rankings of Vietnam as well as of localities in terms of transparency, business environment and competitiveness These are intangible values ​​but have a great impact on the socio-economic development of a particular country. is to have a positive influence on domestic and foreign investment, import and export, employment, social security… In the context of limited resources, it is not possible to carry out many reform contents at the same time. as: financial reform public sector, salary reform, organizational reform, etc., the selection of administrative procedure reform stage will bring the most practical effect.

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Summary of the problem

Here is the information you need to know to understand the concept administrative reform what. Hope this article has provided the necessary information for readers.

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