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What is I.AFR?

AFR . Rule (an acronym for Japan Advance Filing Rules) it’s much more complicated and complicated than AMS (Automated Manifest System). Claiming AMS requires only 62 items, AFR requires declaring up to 112 items! AMS allows shipping lines to help declare NVOCCs, AFR does not allow this, unless the shipping line acts as an NVOCC. All NVOCCs that ship through shipping lines that issue bills of lading must declare AFR to Japanese Customs.


From the beginning of March 2014, all goods imported into Japan are required to declare according to AFR (Japan Advance Filing Rules). The penalty for late declaration is equivalent to 5000 USD even going to jail

Many enterprises exporting goods to Japan are worried because they do not know what steps to take? The fees are high and the fines are too heavy.

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Now the company Nguyen Anh moved on sea ​​shipping would like to inform you of the best service to solve the above problems

e-manifest declaration service

Register an account to declare using software licensed by Japanese customs. E-manifest rental service for customers. Support to solve cases of false declaration, late declaration fined by Japanese customs.

II.Notes when reporting AFR

– Deadline to declare AFR: no later than 24 hours from the time the ship leaves the port of loading.

– Time to start applying AFR declaration:

– Time to register an account is 3-4 working days, excluding holidays,

– Time to declare manifest: 24 hours before the ship runs from the port of loading to Japan. No adjustments are accepted when the train is already running.

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Regulations fine up to 5000 USD / shipment and even go to jail if violated.

Therefore, carriers need to take the necessary precautions, although AFR stipulates that, but must ensure that the declaration is successful and accepted by Japanese Customs before loading in order to limit the risk in in case the Japanese Customs does not allow unloading at the port in Japan.

– Scope of application of regulations:

Regulations apply to all containers exported to Japan.

So, Nguyen Anh talked about AFR rule more clearly, hopefully after this reading, everyone can better understand this rule. If you find it interesting, please LIKE + share to let everyone know.

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