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With the topic of family, you are all too familiar with words like father, mother, son…. Those are simple and common words.

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However, in family relationships, we don’t just come across such words. Let’s find out with us through the article learn basic english with family vocabulary below you guys!


Learn basic English with family vocabulary related to godfather – godmother

Godmother: godmother

Godfather: godfather

Goddaughter: goddaughter

Godson: god son

Learn basic English with family vocabulary related to stepchildren

Stepfather: stepfather

Stepson: stepson of husband/wife

Stepmother : stepmother

Half-brother: half-brother/half-brother

Stepdaughter: stepdaughter of husband/wife

Stepsister: daughter of stepfather/stepmother

Stepbrother : son of stepfather/stepmother

Half-sister: half sister/same mother

HLearn basic English with family vocabulary related to the husband and wife’s family

Father-in-law: father-in-law/father-in-law

Mother-in-law: mother-in-law/mother-in-law

Daughter-in-law: daughter-in-law

Son-in-law: son-in-law

Brother-in-law: brother-in-law

Sister-in-law: sister-in-law

Learn basic English with other family vocabulary

Nuclear family: nuclear family (parents and children)

Immediate family: immediate family (father, mother, siblings)

Family tree: family chart

Extended family: extended family (including grandparents, aunts and uncles, uncles, aunts…)

Loving family: close-knit family : cozy family

Distant relative : distant relative

Dysfunctional family: the family is not warm

Troubled childhood: difficult childhood

Carefree childhood: peaceful childhood

Divorce (v) (n): divorce, divorce

Messy divorce: separation and property dispute

Bitter divorce: separation (due to emotional friction)

Custody of the children: custody of children

A/the blue-eyed boy: beloved child Broken home: broken family

Grant joint custody: husband and wife will share custody of children

Pay child support: pay for child support.

Sole custody: only spouse has custody of children

Single mother: single mother

Adoptive parents: the family that adopts the child (adoptive parents)

Give the baby up for adoption: give the baby up for adoption

Blue blood: royal bloodline

Hopefully with the list of words and terms in the article learn basic english With this family vocabulary can help you better understand how relationships are linked in English and how to use them flexibly. Wish you more success in improving your English!


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