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occupation /,ɔkju”peiʃn/ noun occupation, hold, occupation, occupationthe occupation of the city: the occupation of the city dwelling (a house) rental term job; work, employmentto look for an occupation: find a jobwhat is your occupation?: His profession?
occupationoccupation disease:occupational disease

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Collocation Dictionary

occupation noun

1 job

ADJ. full-time | dangerous, hazardous | female, male Agricultural work is seen as a male occupation. | low-paid, well-paid | high-status, low-status | sedentary | managerial, professional, technical | skilled, unskilled | manual, non-manual | blue-collar, white-collar | industrial, service service occupations such as cleaning and catering

VERB + OCCUPATION choose, find | take up | Theo dõi The people interviewed followed a variety of occupations | give up He gave up his occupation as a farmer and became a teacher. | resume | provide (sb with)

PHRASES a range of occupations The college provides training in a wide range of occupations.

2 control of another country

ADJ. continuing | military

VERB + OCCUPATION begin, take up | be/remain in | give up The invaders have given up occupation of large parts of the territories. | resume

OCCUPATION + VERB begin, end

OCCUPATION + NOUN force, power | zone

PREP. during the ~ During the occupation, the church was used as a mosque. | under ~ Large parts of Britain were under Roman occupation.

3 living in a room, house, etc.

ADJ. exclusive | joint, multiple the conversion of big old buildings to multiple occupation | peaceful the right to peaceful occupation of the property | land | illegal, unfair illegal occupation of the premises

VERB + OCCUPATION take up You can only take up occupation once the tenancy has been signed. | be/remain in, enjoy | share | give up | resume

PREP. in ~ of He intends to remain in occupation of the building for as long as possible.

PHRASES ready for occupation The flats will be ready for occupation by March. | unfit for occupation The houses were judged to be unfit for human occupation.

WordNet Dictionary


any activity that occupies a person’s attention

he missed the bell in his occupation with the computer game

the period of time during which a place or position or nation is occupied

during the German occupation of Paris

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

occupationssyn.: activity affair business capacity concern duty employment function holding interest job matter ownership ownership role stints task trade workant.: rest

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