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Odo is one of those concepts that is still quite unfamiliar to many drivers and car players. So What is Odo?? What does Odo mean? These are issues of great concern.

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And if you have any questions about the above questions, you can find the answers through the information shared below.

What is Odo?

Odo is an acronym for Odometer – a meter that measures the distance traveled by the vehicle, mounted on cars and motorcycles. The Odo index, in addition to helping car drivers know the distance traveled, also helps them know when it is time to maintain and maintain the vehicle properly. Odo has many types such as automatic, mechanical or semi-automatic.


Odo is a meter that measures the distance traveled by motorbikes and cars

In Vietnam What is Odo?? In our country, Odo is also known as speedometer. Therefore, most units of measurement on vehicles in our country are mainly kilometers while many countries use miles.

Development history of the clock Odo

After learn What is Odo?Surely many users are curious about the history of the birth and development of this car accessory. Accordingly, this watch has gone through a rather long history with many changes:

– In 1600, the Odo clock was born to serve for rudimentary vehicles and towing vehicles such as horse-drawn carriages.


An old Odo

In 1645, the French mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the Pascaline apparatus. Using Pascaline is not a real watch but its gears are also used to measure the distance traveled.

– In 1698, the Odo clock was applied to measure the distance traveled by ships thanks to the invention of Thomas Savery of England.

– In 1895, a form of Odo watch called the Cyclometer was invented by Curtis Hussey Veeder. The device has the feature of counting the number of revolutions of the wheel and then uses a transmission line to calculate the distance traveled and display it on the meter.

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– In 1903, two brothers, Arthur P. and Charles H. Warner, introduced the Odo auto-meter – a device that used magnets to measure the movement of the axles, calculate the speed of movement and the distance traveled by the vehicle. more precisely than previous devices.

– In 2000, mechanical Odo watches were gradually replaced on current cars.

Odo’s Accuracy how?

Most of the current Odo types operate on the principle of counting the number of turns of the wheel and estimating the distance traveled. If Odo’s calculation is not correct, it means that the tires are badly worn or do not meet the standard size.


Odo has high accuracy

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When buying a car, is Odo checked correctly?

Outside What is Odo?, used car buyers are also very interested in checking whether Odo can accurately assess the life of the car or not. According to experts, this is not a factor worth referring to when determining vehicle life. This is because in some cases Odo can be rewinded, repaired or replaced with the aim of changing the distance the car has traveled, making the car more valuable by misleading the buyer into thinking the car is still new.

Therefore, instead of checking Odo, when buying a used car, you should check the vehicle’s purchase and sale documents, maintenance history, vehicle condition (interior, exterior, vehicle performance, …).

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Above is an article that summarizes information to help users answer the question What is Odo? and the history of formation and development of Odo. Thank you for your interest in Yen Phat’s article. If you have any questions as well as other questions, please contact us to receive the most accurate and detailed answers.

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