What is Aop in Business?

In the last months of the year, most corporations and companies spend time making an annual business plan (AOP), which is an important job in order to orient their goals and strategies. current, action plan, budget plan… for the next business year.

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webgiaidap.com is a company that has advised hundreds of large and small businesses in Vietnam to perfect AOP over the years. We send consultants to work with the Board of Directors of the Company and each Head of Department in order to develop a feasible and realistic plan based on the existing capacity and resources of the business.


Common mistakes in today’s businesses:

No clear operational goals for the company, each department and each employee No specific strategy for each business year No specific action plan for each department No budget plan and budget control The disjointed departments do not coordinate well for the common goal. The boss does not have a control program to make timely decisions. The performance of each department and each employee cannot be assessed.

Meaning of implementing AOP

Ensure that all Departments / Departments of the Company can implement AOP annually. Ensure that the Company has an AOP system for long-term use. In order to help the Head of Department / Executive Board to do well with the plan. To help the Company The company controls the performance of each Department/Department

Consulting content of webgiaidap.com

1. Survey of the current status of the business plan

Interview with the Chairman of the Board of Directors Interview with the Executive Board of the Company

2. Training on AOP for the Company and Departments / Departments

General training on the concept and method of creating AOPTraining on how to use the AOP form

3. Develop annual goals for the Company and Departments/Departments

Develop a planning process for the Company and its Departments/Departments. Together with the Board of Directors of the Company, develop the company’s goals. To implement the Company’s goals for each Department/Department. Department/Department for the Board of Directors.

4. Detailed instructions for management to set goals according to BSC

Guide departments to coordinate in building AOP Guide departments to set goals according to BSC Skills to use forms provided by webgiaidap.com. Instructions on how to build data and report data.

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5. Instructions details for management to set up OGSM

Guidelines for setting goals for each Department/Department from company goals.Developing solutions to achieve goals.Building a way to measure business goals.

6. Instructions details for management Develop action plan

Develop action plans. Develop staffing schedules Develop training plans Build salary budgets in the company.

7. Direction Detailed instructions for management Develop budget plan

Analyze costs in each Department/Department (coordinating with Finance Department) Develop budget plan for each Department/Department Develop budget control program for each Department/Department.

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8. Organize presentation of AOP before the Board of Directors of the Company

Training AOP presentations for each Department / Organizing Committee for Departments / AOP presentations for the Board of Directors

9. Train the Supervisory Board to evaluate the effectiveness of AOP

Develop regulations on periodic and irregular control. Train the Supervisory Board on effective control.

If you have a need for AOP consulting, please contact us with the information below:


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