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arrest /ə”rest/ noun arrestunder arrest: arrested stopping, stopping, stopping (legal) postponementarrest of judgment: postponement of the execution of a sentence transitive verb arrest to stop, to stop, to stop, to stop (the machine is running…) attract (attention)to arrest someone’s attention: to attract someone’s attention (legal) adjournment (a judgment by mistake)
arrest stop arrest stopcardiac arrest arrest cardiacdevelopmental arrest epiphyseal arrest retard transitive verb o arrest o stop, stop, stop, restrain

Legal dictionary

Arrest: Arrest The act of arresting a person by law enforcement, usually for a criminal offence.


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Collocation Dictionary

arrest noun

ADJ. illegal, unlawful, wrongful | arbitrary | mass spread | citizen’s He grabbed the intruder by the arm and said, ‘I am making a citizen’s arrest.’ | house Following the coup arrest leaders were put under house arrest.

VERB + ARREST make | place sb under, put sb under | lead to A reward has been offered for information that leads to the arrest of the murder. | avoid, escape, evade | resist He was charged with violent behavior and resisting arrest.

ARREST + NOUN warrant

PREP. under ~ The man is now under arrest in London. | ~ for They made 11 arrests for possession of drugs.

PHRASES the power of arrest The government may remove the power of arrest from military police. | under close arrest Woolley was placed under close arrest for mutiny. | a warrant for sb’s arrest

WordNet Dictionary

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

arrests|arrested|arrestingsyn.: apprehend capture catch check pinch seize stop


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