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Unlike democratic or transitional leadership styles, autocratic leadership (or autocratic leaders) tend to follow stricter and more draconian work standards. Employees will sometimes feel disrespected and do not have good feelings for the leader. However, this is a leadership style that is considered highly effective. So what is an authoritarian leadership style?

What is autocratic leadership?

Owners authoritarian leadership style, or authoritarian leadership is characterized by independent control over all decisions and rarely accepts the input of other members. They often see themselves as the main engine of the car to drive the people under their tutelage or command.

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In general, the authoritarian leadership style has the following main characteristics:

Decisive of all work methods and processes Team members are rarely trusted for opinions or carrying out important tasks Work is organized and rigidInnovators and out-of-the-box thinking of unpopular membersThe rules come first and are clearly communicated


Illustration: Authoritarian leadership style

Advantages and disadvantages of authoritarian leadership style

About advantages:

The autocratic style associated with authoritarianism seems negative when working in a team. However, autocracy possesses advantages that other leaders do not have. When the leader is the most knowledgeable person on the team, the autocratic style can lead to quick and effective decisions.

If your organization is faced with a “dilemma” of making quick decisions and no time for collective consultation, an authoritarian leadership style is the best solution. .

Accordingly, the head will himself draw out the most optimal plan and ask the members to follow his instructions. Thus, preventing businesses or projects from being delayed due to poor organization or lack of consistency.

Have you ever worked in a team of good people but could not complete a project because the team leader lacked organizational capacity and was unable to set deadlines?

In such situations, autocratic leaders have the power to force individuals to meet deadlines. Some projects require strong leadership to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

It also requires members of the organization to hone on a regular basis in order to have the skills to perform tasks effectively, which will ultimately benefit the success of the team as a whole.

About the downside

In addition to the above advantages, those who abuse this authoritarian leadership style are often labeled as conservative and authoritarian. Or sometimes lead to disagreement and resentment among team members.

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Authoritarian leaders tend to ignore new proposals and not consult other members. Therefore, members feel that their skills and opinions are not respected and are not satisfied.

The researchers also found that the authoritarian nature of the leader can preclude creative solutions to problems, thus harming the team’s overall success.

Authoritarian leadership is also not as popular as it once was for a variety of reasons. For example, today’s workforce is better educated in skills and knowledge, and the growth of knowledge industries encourages decision-making at all levels.

Democratic and transformational leadership styles are now dominant in organizations because they know how to combine the opinions of members and leaders. However, there should be no hasty relinquishment of an authoritarian leadership role in emergencies.

Examples of famous authoritarian leaders

16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln is the best example of an authoritarian leadership style because of the many autonomous decisions he made during the Civil War. Although he was not a dictator, he put it at a difficult time in American history (1861-1865) and asked for a bold president who was ready to make decisions. daring, Lincoln rose to become the authoritarian leader the country needed.


Lincoln is a prime example of an authoritarian leadership style

In the business field, there are famous founders such as Sam Walton of the world’s leading retail group WalMart, Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fast food system or Larry Ellison of the technology giant Oracle… They are the leaders who pursue an autocratic style from the production processes to the development of the customer base, thus paving the way for the existence and flourishing of today.

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In the field of media, Fox News Channel president Roger Ailes is well known as a autocratic leader since the late 1960s, when he served as an adviser to President Nixon. Despite his controversy, Ailes is still regarded as a brilliant executive who has redefined news broadcasting for the 21st century through his authoritarian leadership style.

How can authoritarian leaders be effective?

As an authoritarian leader, there are a few things you should consider to improve your performance:

Listen to team members: even though the leader is firm with his or her choices, followers still need to feel like expressing their concerns. So listening to them and being more open can help them feel like they’re making an important contribution to the team’s mission. Establish clear rules: to get members to follow your rules, first First, you need to make sure that these principles are clearly established and that everyone on your team is fully aware of them.Become a leader that employees can trust, trust, empower decision-makingRecognize member’s achievements

In short, the authoritarian leadership style has its own advantages and disadvantages. After all, for the sake of the collective in an urgent situation, authoritarian leadership should be applied at the right time and towards the popular option today that is “soft authoritarian leadership styleie flexible in each situation.


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