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BC is an acronym that has a close relationship with the timeline in human history. So what is the abbreviation BC? What is the correct answer to this answer? The article shared below will introduce the meaning of this word.

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Concepts of A.D. and A.D

Perhaps before going to find out what the abbreviation BC is, we first need to review the concept of AD and AD. Because these two concepts are quite related to the abbreviation BC.


A.D. is defined as the epoch taken from the year in which Jesus was born. In it, the year that Jesus was born is considered as a time to distinguish between before and after AD. That is why it is also known as the Christian era. The word “gong” in the common era is also understood as common. Thus, the common era is also considered as the common era of all mankind.


A.D. is counted from the year Jesus was born

The years before the birth of Jesus are called the year BC or people also denoted BC. Or is marked with a minus (-) before the number of years. For example, when people want to convert 560 BC, people can also abbreviate as -560. Or to refer to AD 560, the symbol +560 can also be used.

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There are quite a few authors who often use the abbreviation sCn or the phrase “AD” to refer to the years after Jesus’ birth. However, such use is not necessarily correct. Because the Common Era is understood as an era that begins with the birth of Jesus. Thus, the AD milestones did not really exist. Or, if it exists, the current epoch must end and start another before it is said to be AD.

What is the abbreviation BC?

Back to the topic of what the abbreviation BC is. BC or BC to be exact is abbreviated from the English word Before Christ. This acronym is used to refer to the years before the birth of Jesus. For example, when people see people writing 560 BC, it should be understood as 560 BC.

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BC stands for Before Christ

In some countries or individuals, because they do not want to talk about matters related to religion, they have replaced BC with BCE The abbreviation BCE also means Before the Common Era or BC. But no matter how to avoid it, no one can deny that there must be the birth of Jesus to have a starting point for the commons. Today mankind is using a common calendar system, so no matter how different cultures or religions are, it should not be completely denied.


From the explanation of the BC acronym, the interesting information about the concept of the era must have answered what the abbreviation BC is. Thanks for taking some time to read this article of ours!


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