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Benchmarks are important indicators in many sectors today, they represent a particular aspect of the total market. Today, let’s find out with webgiaidap.com about what benchmarks are in today’s economy!


Overview What is Benchmark? The importance of benchmarks

What is benchmark?

Benchmark or Benchmarking in economics is a management technique aimed at improving the performance of a business. This technique will be used to compare the performance status between different organizations with similar field activities, or between different departments in the same organization or enterprise.

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Benchmarking is a continuous method of evaluating and improving products, services and habits to achieve a leading position in an industry or field. This approach is also defined as a best practice in keeping the business running at its best.

Benchmarking can compare similar business practices without having to consider whether the output is different or the output is difficult to compute.

Why are benchmarks important?

In fact, the government wants to develop modern, high-quality, efficient and customer-focused public services. Businesses like yours will be required to focus on end results and service standards rather than simply focusing on their business practices and methods. Therefore, you will also need to find ways to improve the quality of service that is worth the money that the buyer has to spend.

It is important to know how well your business is doing compared to other businesses. You also need to know where it is worth spending time and money to improve. That’s why benchmarking will help you find opportunities to improve service or reduce costs because it’s effective.

For construction projects, benchmarking is an important part of “Achieving Excellence initiative”. Accordingly, businesses as customers will have to compare the management of construction projects with what other organizations have achieved.

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The importance of benchmarks

The benefits of Benchmark

Organizations that use this method successfully report that it will reap benefits at least ten times more than the costs. Benchmarking can be used to help an organization determine which processes need improvement, meaning in what areas we will have to aim to be optimal. This approach can also help with goal setting, i.e. the gap between current business processes in the organization and operating practices is optimal. It also helps a lot when combined with some performance improvement methods such as business analysis and business process redesign.

Who is involved in Benchmarking?

In a test organization there are 3 parties that will be involved in benchmarking:

Sales department: That is, the sales manager will be responsible for finding services to meet business goals. The interest of the benchmarking client will be “Can I improve the sales of services and control the service providers and support the business through the services of the enterprise”.Users ultimately external as the public: That is, anyone who uses the organization’s services to access information or conduct transactions with the government. Their interest in benchmarking will be “how can the services be improved to accommodate me?” Service providers in agreement with customers. The supplier’s interest in benchmarking will be “How will we improve the method of service delivery to meet customer requirements and what service will be cost effective and delivered on time?” time.


Who is involved in Benchmarking?

Levels of application of benchmarking

The 3 basic levels are as follows:

Operational level: Applies to individual business units. Functional level: Can consider the entire organization. Applying benchmarking at this level will greatly benefit all departments within the organization. Strategic level: Affects the system and process of strategic planning implementation of an organization. Strategic benchmarking is not a quick win, but it has the potential for long-term benefits.

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Take the benchmarking approach seriously as it changes all the time and make sure the benchmark measures what activities are currently being prioritized. Hopefully, the article will help you better understand what the benchmarking concept is and the issues related to this method.

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