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What is CNAME?

CNAME is a canonical name record (Canonical Name Record) or alias record for a certain domain name.

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A CNAME is interpreted as a form of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS), which specifies a domain name as an alias for another canonical domain name.

Any website hosting system must have an IP address to be able to connect to the World Wide Web.

A computer can have an unlimited number of CNAME aliases, but a separate CNAME record must be in the database for each alias.

As a result, multiple servers such as FTP servers and WEB servers can run on different ports from a single IP address. Each server will have its own entry in DNS like ftp.yourdomain.

We can also use CNAME for multiple HTTP servers on the same port with different names belonging to the same physical server.

The fundamental benefit of using a CNAME is that if you change the IP address of an A record, then any CNAME records that point to that host will be changed as well.

Just like if we have a website with the domain webgiaidap.com, this domain will then join an A record, the A record will interpret the domain name into a corresponding IP address. When you have several subdomains (subdomains) similar to www.example.com, ftp.example.com, mail.example.com, etc., you want these subdomains to point to the main domain, which is vccloud. com instead of having to create an A record for each subdomain and associate it with the domain’s IP address, you create an alias or a CNAME record for all of these subdomains.

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For example, illustrated below:

Create, edit, and delete CNAME . records

Creating a cname record for a domain name, modifying and deleting a CNAME is a fairly simple process. To create a new CNAME, follow the steps below.

first. You log into your account cPanel– My WHM.

2. You enter “DNS function” from Home page and click “Edit DNS Zone” in the WHM server or select “AdvancedZone Editor” (Advanced Area Editor) in the Domain section or your cPanel account.

3. Select a Zone to edit from the left sidebar and click the “Edit” is next to your domain.


5. After saving the changes, the CNAME will be updated in the selected TTLs. If you want to edit or delete the CNAME entries, you either leave the entire entry blank and select the “Select” button or select any other DNS record and press “Save”.


CNAME records are handled within the domain name system and there are some limitations to using CNAMEs if a DNS conflicts with a CNAME record while searching for a source record. This will result in restarting queries using the canonical name instead of the original name.

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A CNAME record will usually point to another domain, and never to an IP address.


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