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On days when the weather changes seasons, the morning often appears dense fog. Before, before the development of industrialization, fog was also exploited by people to make drinking water. Many people believe that this is the pure water that God gives to people every morning.

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However, not everyone understands what fog is? What is dew point? Is it pure, safe for human health or not? To better understand the concept of fog or to be precise, ‘dew point’. The following article Farming Knowledge What is the dew point concept? What is dew point? What is the dew point temperature? Let’s find out together.

Learn the concepts of dew point

What is Dew Point – What is Dew Point?

We can understand fog as a mass of moist air that is raised from the ground when it cools into a vapor state. The dew point is the point at which that moist air mass begins to condense into a liquid droplet. Achieved when the relative humidity in the air reaches saturation point, i.e. up to 100%.

The more humid air mass rises, the denser the fog image will be. Makes us feel like there is a cloud in front of us, everything around will not be seen. This phenomenon also only occurs in the morning. Because the humidity in the air is now enough to be able to reach the dew point.


Vapor fog

Radiation fog

A type of dew that is produced on the ground to reduce heat by radiant heat, which usually occurs at dusk. It does not last long at dawn and usually appears in the fall.

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Wind fog

Formed when moist air moves due to the action of wind and cooling. Common in tropical regions.

Mountain fog

Formed by moisture and wind in the alcoves. This type often produces frost on mountain tops.

Condensation of fog

This is a common form of fog, but when the air temperature increases, it will condense to form droplets.

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There are also different types of fog depending on the terrain such as valley fog, ice fog, tropical fog, etc.

The above article is the basic concept of dew point or fog formation. Hope you will have more useful information about dew point.


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