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What is EDI? EDI is an acronym for Electronic Data Interchange, which is an essential tool in all business transactions.

What is EDI? Do you know the meaning of this acronym? Surely many of you will not understand the definition of this phrase. To better understand the meaning of this acronym, let’s refer to the article below!

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What is EDI?

EDI is an acronym for Electronic Data Interchange, which is understood as an electronic data exchange, which is the process of electronic exchange of business information in a standard format. An authorized process from one company to another electronically not in traditional written form. And trading partners are made in the course of conducting business. (You can watch it in full.) EDI what is in en.Wikipedia.org)


What is the concept of EDI?

Currently, at companies, businesses have created invoices by the computer system itself, printing a copy of the invoice to send to customers. When the customer receives it, they will often mark the invoice and enter the invoice into the personal computer system. In the process there is nothing new in the process of transferring information from your computer to everyone else’s computer. EDI allows to minimize or eliminate the manual processes involved in this work.

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How to use EDI?

When companies and trading partners decide to conduct business using EDI there are a few things to be aware of to make every start of the process:


How to use EDI?

EDI needs to be implemented by your trading partner. This should be determined from the e-business document itself selected to be structured.

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When the software is set up, the two sides will initially have to start testing and exchange information and data.

Communicate with trading partners using your own EDI. This is considered a common method through inteEDI, a value-added network, or can quickly transfer electronic documents directly. This is the main method in the exchange of business documents with trading partners and for exchange as a connection.

But testing is conducted with the main vendors that your EDI solutions are verified to work correctly and quickly.

EDI . standards

With EDI standards established centuries earlier is defined a set of handlers that keep the data structured and reproducible but the data resides in a fixed field in the record. The rules will be created common business documents. But document types will include purchase orders, invoices, notices, electronic deliveries and are not limited.


EDI . standards

The main reason for being able to create standards is to avoid wasting time and resources being able to determine the layout of common business documents. This is the result for businesses to reduce electronic costs in processes and define EDI standards.

Hopefully, the above information will help you better understand what Edi is and the basic information you need to know about Edi.

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