What is English Maintenance?

What is maintenance?

Maintenance is the operation of maintaining and maintaining machinery in a normal operating state, or repairing errors that occur during the operation of the machinery, to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the machinery during the working process. of machinery. In order to bring the best work productivity, contribute to environmental protection.

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Maintenance is a job that was born associated with the advent of machinery and technology, which is increasingly focused, ensuring that when machines and equipment become more and more involved in people’s lives, in all matters, every location.

Maintenance is an activity that occurs periodically to operate machinery at a fixed time and maintain it regularly. Maintenance activities can also occur when during the operation of the machinery to the time of failure, wear and tear, and the end of operation. Or maintenance activities may occur when during the operation of machinery, there is a breakdown or breakdown.

Regular maintenance of machinery brings cost-saving benefits, ensuring safe and effective operation of machines.


What is English Maintenance?

English Maintenance to be Maintenance.

Maintenance English translates as follows:

Maintenance is the act of keeping machines in good condition by checking or repairing it regularly.

Maintenance is the work that is born in association with the birth of machinery, which is increasing, technology that machinery and equipment is increasing present in the lives of people, in all matters every location.

Maintenance is the activity that occurs periodically the operation of machinery at a fixed time, maintained at regular intervals. Maintenance activities can also occur when during the operation of the machine to the time of failure, wear and out of service. Or maintenance activities may occur when there is a malfunction or failure in the operation of the machine.

Regular maintenance of machines brings cost-saving benefits, enables that machines operate safely and efficiently.

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What is the English maintenance related phrase?

– Maintenance in English means Maintenance.

– Repair in English means Repair.

– Modified in English means Mend.

– Remodeling in English means Fix.

– Alliance maintenance in English means Alliance maintenance.

– Coalition maintenance in English means Coalition maintenance.

– Software maintenance in English means Software maintenance.

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– Air conditioner maintenance in English means Air conditioning maintenance.


Example phrases commonly used maintenance how to write English?

In daily life, we often have to perform maintenance activities for machines and systems. Below are some frequently asked questions and phrases related to maintenance:

– Why regular maintenance of machines?- Why maintain machinery regularly?

– What are the benefits of machine maintenance?- What is the maintenance of the machines?

– What is the difference between maintenance and servicing of machines?- What is the difference between maintenance and maintenance of machines?

– Does the maintenance of machines cost a lot?- Does machine maintenance cost a lot of money?

– If the machine is not maintained, what will happen?- What is the problem if I do not perform any machine maintenance?

– Activity maintenance What help in environmental protection?- Maintenance activities do not help in environmental protection issues?

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