What is English Protestantism?

What is English Protestantism? – Protestantism. We go into learning what Protestantism is, why it is called “to protest against: to express dissatisfaction, to disagree about something”. Protestants are NOT Protestants, Protestants are Protestants only.

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What is Protestantism?

Let’s go back to history: At the beginning of the Common Era, in the Middle East, in the land of the Roman Empire, a new religion worshiped the Messiah – the second person of the Godhead, in Greek, Jesus Christ. The name Jesus Christ translated into Vietnamese is Jesus Christ, or Jesus Christ for short; the word Jesus translated into Chinese is Gia To; The word Christ is Christianity. Thus, Christendom has different translation names: Christianity, Christianity, Christianity.

In the 11th century, specifically in 1054, the first great schism took place, with one side following Greek culture, the other following Latin culture, called the East-West schism, forming the New Religion in the East: Orthodoxism. This name expresses the frank and correct (Dox) view (Ortho) of a “doctrine of true faith”. People sometimes call Orthodoxy Eastern Christianity. Even in some contexts, people use the words Eastern, Greek, Constantinople to refer to Orthodoxy, the words: Western, Latin, Roman to refer to Catholicism.

In the sixteenth century, the second great schism took place in Catholicism, forming a new religion – Protestantism. The Catholic Church and feudal Europe called Protestantism, When coming to China, Protestantism translated into Chinese is called “DCreate an oath of treason“. The second great schism was actually a religious reform, so in many cases it is also called Protestantism “Reformism). Protestantism was introduced into Vietnam at the beginning of the twentieth century. In the North it was called “Treaty” in the Chinese way, “Christianism” in the Central region, “Huaism” in the South. .

In the early 20s and 30s of the 20th century, Canadian missionary Cadman of the Christian Mission Association – CMA, along with writer Phan Khoi translated the Bible into Vietnamese, they did not translate the Gospel as “Evangelical”.Good news” as Catholicism, which translates as “Protestant”. How to call Gospel Protestantism of the Reformed (Protesters) gradually became a habit, and especially it was distinguished from Catholicism, so people always called Reformed religion as Protestantism to this day.

At the same time as the birth of Protestantism, there appeared a reform movement in its own way in England forming Anglicanism – Angelicalsm. Thus, Christianity or Christianity includes: Catholicism (Catholic), Orthodoxy Orthodoxy (Orthodoxsm), Protestantism (Protestantism), Anglicanism (Angelicalism), or in other words, Protestantism is the “brother” of the same root as Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Anglicanism.

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What is English Protestantism?

English Protestantism is Protestantism – meaning to bring joy, good news, also known as reformism. English Protestants are called Protestants.

English examples of Protestantism

1/ Protestants claim to be saved at a religious awakening.

–> A Protestant claims to be saved at a revival meeting.

2/ What are the divisive situations in the Protestant religions?

–> What discordant situations are to be observed in Protestantism?

3/ I have a brother, the king of Navarre, who converted to Protestantism.

–> I have a brother, the King of Navarre, who’s converted to Protestantism.

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What is English Protestantism? – Protestantism and Protestants are Protestants.

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