What is English time?


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Video (song with tutorial) “The Right Person at the Right Time – Opportune”

Introducing the word “Opportune” first! Opportune means right at the right time, like the song “The right person at the right time” (kkkk). It is an adjective, which is already an adjective can:

1/ Standing in front of Noun: (right decision) Opportune decision (right arrival) Opportune arrival (timed investment) Opportune investment2/ Behind Linking Verb (including be, look, maintain – keep a status…) Her arrival is opportune (she arrived at the right time).His decision is opportune (his decision was opportune)The investment is opportune (this investment is well-timed)

How to read this word?

This word is easy to read, people! To read this word, you can listen more carefully at the Longman Dictionary page. Please take the risk to translate how to read Vietnamese for those who are just starting to learn:

op tun!

In it, the first word is O, I read it a bit funny, not OP!! When reading, remember to breathe. It’s a bit difficult because Vietnamese doesn’t exist, but actually the secret is closing the lips a bit.

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And blow out quite a bit! The same goes for the “t” in the “tun” letter. Turn on the air gently by brushing your tongue behind the top teeth!

If you find the tutorial too difficult, you can watch it directly on the dictionary link right now…

Before you leave, learn a word by combining reading and thinking about it in your head. No need to record! Then try to give examples RELATED TO YOUR LIFE! Think of songs when learning words. It will help you to form associations between sounds and images => unforgettable! And if you are convenient, please like and follow this blog kkkk


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