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envy /”envɔi/ noun covetousness, envy, envy coveted object; someone who makes people jealous; reasons to make people covet, reasons to make people jealoushis strength is the envy of the school: his health is what everyone in school wants transitive verb covetous, jealous, envious


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Collocation Dictionary

envy noun

ADJ. extreme | unconscious | class, social

QUANT. tinge, touch I detected a tinge of envy in her tone. | pang, stab, twinge I felt a twinge of envy for the people who lived there.

VERB + ENVY be consumed with, be green with, feel, have I had no envy of his success. | express, show | arouse, excite, fill sb with, inspire Her youth and looks aroused extreme envy in her rivals.

PREP. with ~ I look with envy on those lucky people with big families. | ~ at I was filled with envy at their adventurous lifestyle. | ~ for the envy she felt for her sister

PHRASES be the envy of sb/sth British television is the envy of the world (= is admired by everyone). | an object of envy Her car was an object of envy in the neighbourhood.

WordNet Dictionary



feel envious towards; admire enviously

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English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

envies|envied|envyingsyn.: be jealous of covetant.: gratification gratify satisfaction satisfy

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