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Understand what Google My Business is to help you optimize SEO better. Not only that, this is also a place to help you build a very good reputation for your business.


Understanding what Google My Business is to help SEO Website better.

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In recent years, the general invisible Google Business has become an Online business license. Thanks to that, you can easily manage your activities and work more smoothly. To find out all the information about What is Google My Business?please refer to the information that I list below.

What is Google My Business?

Google Business also known as Google My Business, this is a free tool issued by Google. It will help you manage your business presence on Google Map and Google Search.

With this tool, customers find your business and products easier. So that you will easily promote, as well as introduce your business more widely.

How to use Google My Business

When I understood What is Google My Business?, the next step you need to understand how to use this tool? In my experience, before you can use it, you must access the Google My Business page. Then follow Google’s step-by-step instructions and fill in all the information. You just need to provide the phone number, business name, related picture and exact address.

Once you have completed the above step, you verify according to the instructions from the Email sent by Google.

If you want to bring many benefits to your business, in my opinion you should apply all of the following steps:

Publish the article to Google Business, keeping in mind that it is a highly available article. You can use this article to introduce your business’s promotions or events. To be appreciated by Google, you should encourage customers to leave positive comments on the article. Then, please reply to all those comments to show the credibility of the business! In order to monitor and make timely adjustments, please review the details regularly. This information includes clicks, searches of your website for a specific time.

How to sign up to use Google Business


How to register to use What is Google My Business?? Here I will guide you step by step to help you successfully register this tool.

Step 1: Fill in your business nameStep 2: Add the location of the businessStep 3: Choose the appropriate categoryStep 4: Select the contact detailsStep 5: Complete information registrationStep 6: Google My Business Location VerificationStep 7: Verify Google My Business location via Email (when step 6 fails)

Step 1: Fill in your business name

Visit the Google My Business page, then fill in the business information. Continue, click Next to agree to the terms and privacy policy.

Step 2: Add the location of the business

This location will show up when customers search for you on Google Search and Google Map.

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After entering the correct address of your business, then select Next. Next, you need to determine your location when it shows up on Google Maps.

If your business still has sub locations, click Yes, otherwise, select No.

Step 3: Choose the right category

Note, in my opinion you should choose only one main category to describe the whole business. Then, use additional categories to help customers better understand the service you offer.

Step 4: Select contact details

For contact information, you can choose Website URL, Hotline phone number, or both.

Step 5: Complete information registration

Finally, you just need to click Finish to complete the registration step with Google Business.

Step 6: Verify Google My Business Location

After completing the registration step, you need to verify Google Maps if not already verified. So the steps to verifyWhat is Google My Business??There are 3 main ways to verify Google My Business:

By phone (call or text) By Email By post. Quite simple, just fill in the correct address so that Google can send you a confirmation code in 14 days.

Important Notes:

The possibility that mail to your address may be lost due to geographical distance and mailing policies, you will not receive mail with verification codes.

With phone verification and receiving verification emails from Google depends on many factors: Local Guide level of the place creator, important information such as desk phone number, reputable address. Although not directly mentioned or endorsed, I think the size and SEO score of the Website will likely affect the location verification.

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So what do you need to do?

Step 7: Verify Google My Business Location via Email (when step 6 fails)


In the meantime, you can do the following to achieve online success:

Visit your business’s website as a customer who found it through Google Search or Maps. Take the time to improve your website and update any inaccuracies. Take photos of your business, and the products and services it offers. These photos make a compelling addition to your Google My Business profile.

After waiting for 14 days and still not seeing the verification email, I recommend that you ask for Google Email verification support. We encourage our readers to use English when writing this email, there is a high chance that you will receive a quick response. Requirements to be met:

Specify the problem you are having An Email address, the unique domain name of the Website you own. For example: me

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