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gravel /”grævəl/ noun gravelfine gravel: fine gravelcoarse gravel: coarse gravel gold ((also) auriferous gravel) (medicine) kidney stone diseaseto suffer from gravel: (medicine) suffering from kidney stones transitive verb gravelto gravel a path: gravel a path to confuse, to bewilder, to make it difficult to sayto be gravelled: confused how to say
ballast gravel: roll for ballast gravel: roll for ballastgravel concrete: roll for gravel road : gravel road gravel road base : gravel roadbed Scope : mechanical engineering & construction gravel gravel concrete : gravel concrete gravel dam : gravel dam gravelgravel plain: gravel plain placer: gravel placer concrete and paving materials.??.Explanation VN: Round pebbles with a diameter of 0.25 to 3 inches; used in concrete and paving materials.as-dug gravel: unrefined gravelbank gravel: riverbank gravel: riverside gravelbank-run gravel: natural gravelbar gravel: beach gravel beach gravel: beach gravelbench gravel: riverbed gravelbinding gravel : crushed gravel broken gravel: crushed gravelcalcareous gravel: gravel crushed gravel: tocoarse gravel filter: filter device (type) toconsolidated gravel: cemented gravel crushed gravel: crushed gravel crushed gravel: crushed graveldiamond bearing gravel: diamond gravel filter gravel: filter gravel filter gravel: filter gravel fine gravel: fine gravel fine gravel: confine gravel: crushed gravel gravel granule gravel: gravel Gravel (ly) soil: gravel aggregated concrete Gravel board: gravel path concrete: gravel concrete dam: gravel dam gravel dredging: gravel dredging Gravel filled trench: Gravel filter: Gravel filter: Gravel filter layer: Gravel filter well: Gravel foundation: Gravel fraction: Gravel fraction: Gravel gravel hopper : gravel container g gravel Gravel pit: gravel Gravel pit: Gravel plain: gravel plain Gravel plain placer: gravel placer Gravel pocket: gravel bag (in concrete) : gravel gravel road: gravel road Gravel road: gravel road gravel typegravel sidewalk: gravel pavement hillside gravelhydraulic gravel: washed gravel cobblestone gravel: quarry gravel: quartz gravel: quartzite gravel: riverround gravel: round gravel : sand and gravel washer : sand and gravel washer : gravel sander : riverbed gravel uncrushed gravel: unbroken gravelvalley gravel: valley gravel washed washed gravel: washed gravelwater-bearing gravel layer: hydrated gravel Field: medicine gravel, gravel (small gravel)cemented gravelcoarse gravel coarse gravel toconsolidated gravel linkdecomposed granite gravelDecomposed granite gravelDecomposed granite gravelDecomposed granite pebblesfelt and gravel roof oilpaper roof sanded <“grævəl> noun o gravel Unbound round debris consisting mostly of particles larger than sand grains or larger than 2 mm. o gravel, pebbles; golden sand § beach gravel : beach gravel § bench gravel : riverbed gravel § binding gravel : paved gravel § calcareous gravel : limestone gravel § fine gravel : fine gravel granule gravel : fine grained gravel lag gravel : residual gravel, pea gravel : pea gravel § pebble gravel : cobblestone § pit gravel : quarried gravel § quartz gravel : quartz gravel § river gravel : river gravel § run gravel : rolling gravel § gravel hog : driver § gravel island : gravel island An artificial island created by pouring gravel or rocks into shallow water to create a foundation for drilling. § gravel pack : gravel pack § gravel pack log : log neutron § gravel packing : gravel packing § gravel pot : gravel tank Two pressure vessels that mix gravel with the gravel-bearing fluid pump the mixture into the well. § gravel-packing fluid : a fluid that is clean water suitable for the reservoir, used to transport gravel to a well.
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