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Hazelnut (Hazelnut) is a very familiar ingredient in recipes for Muffin, Chocolate, Gato or bread. However, many people still do not really understand what hazelnuts are and its uses. So today, the Culinary Knowledge column will learn about hazelnuts and interesting things to know about this nut!

What are hazelnuts?

Hazelnuts aka Hazelnutwhose botanical name is Corylus avellana. Hazelnut is most often grown in countries such as: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Georgia, southern Spain, England and 2 states of Washington and Oregon of the United States. In which, Turkey is the largest supplier of hazelnuts in the world, accounting for about 75% of global production.

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Hazelnuts It is a delicious grain rich in nutrients that are very beneficial for health. Not only that, hazelnuts also have a delicious fatty flavor, so they are often used in cooking menus, especially in baking recipes.


Nutrient-rich hazelnuts are a familiar ingredient in many baking recipes. (Photo: Internet)

Nutritional ingredients

According to two authors Jim Piper and Lucy Gerspacher of the book “Hazelnuts and More” It is said that in hazelnuts there is a large amount of iron, calcium and protein. Therefore, Hazelnut It is a source of essential nutrients in our meals.

Protein: Raw hazelnuts provide a sufficient amount of protein for the body to sustain energy for a day. Therefore, if you are following an animal protein diet, hazelnuts will be a great substitute.

Vitamin K: Vitamin K in hazelnuts promotes the production of platelets that help heal wounds, help absorb calcium better, prevent fractures and strengthen bone density. Omega 9: Hazelnuts contain an extremely high amount of omega 9. This nutrient has the effect of reducing blood pressure, balancing cholesterol in the body as well as preventing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.


Hazelnut contains high nutritional content. (Photo: Internet)

Folate: Hazelnut has the highest folate content of all nuts. This substance works to reduce the risk of neural tube defects, types of cancer, depression, Alzheimer’s and promote heart health.

Proanthrocyanidins: This is a substance that has antioxidant effects and prevents the formation of lung cancer tumors. Proanthrocyanidins present in Hazelnut seeds have an antioxidant effect 50 times higher than vitamin E and 20 times higher than vitamin C. In addition, this substance also contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and lowers blood pressure, improves Improves circulation, brain health and reduces some allergy symptoms.

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Amazing health benefits of hazelnuts

With the above information, you can see that hazelnuts have many amazing health and beauty benefits:

• Help you have a healthy heart

• Cancer prevention

• Increase muscle strength

• Reduce skin aging

• Strengthen bones

• Nervous stabilization

• Support digestion, laxative

• Beauty products

• Ingredients for cooking and baking

How to use hazelnuts?


Shelled hazelnuts are a familiar ingredient to bakers. (Photo: Internet)

Step 1: Peel off the hard outer shell with the peeler tool. If you buy the peeled type, skip this step.

Peel 2: Put a pinch of peeled filling on a clean towel and rub it over and over on hard surfaces (eg kitchen counter tops). The film will peel off and you can eat right away. Or even eat right away without removing the film. You can bake the filling at 300 degrees F and then put it in the cake to spin in the microwave. However, it is recommended to use raw hazelnuts because they have more nutrients than cooked hazelnuts.

According to experts, we should only eat 20 hazelnuts a day to supplement nutrition.

How to choose the best hazelnuts

When buying hazelnuts, we should pay attention to choose hazelnuts with sharpness, inside the kernels are full, round, not bent or shrinking. Delicious hazelnuts usually have a smooth, glossy skin with no cracks or holes. The nuts that are stored in cold storage are always good and keep the quality, often without preservatives and more food safe.

The best way to store

To keep the nutrients inside the hazelnuts, you should store them in the refrigerator. Unused hazelnuts should be placed in an airtight container or tightly sealed bag. Hazelnuts can be stored for 6 months, if put in the freezer even for 12 months.

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Where to buy hazelnuts? How much?

Currently, you can find hazelnuts easily at large supermarkets or stores specializing in importing quality foreign goods to ensure the origin and quality of the nuts. Hazelnuts have high nutritional value and are very good for health, so they are sold at a high price of about 850,000 – 950,000 VND / 1kg of nuts.

Hopefully the above article that Eurasian Kitchen Profession has provided you with useful information about What is hazelnut?, nutritional composition and health benefits of hazelnuts. Cleverly using hazelnuts in your diet will help you lose weight effectively, control your weight well, help control blood sugar. Besides, the suggestions about where to buy hazelnuts, how much it costs will help you find and buy this nut better. Use this nut every day to have a healthy body!


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