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What is high fashion? A single outfit, created by a genius designer, appearing only once on the catwalk… is the basic definition of high fashion.


What is high fashion? Photo: yoyokulala

High-fashion brands focus on the rich. They produce exclusive things and sell them at exorbitant prices. Manufacturing plants are often located in France, Italy and Spain, where labor is extremely expensive. However, even high-end brands are having to change rapidly to find profits amid all human needs shrinking during the pandemic.

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What is high fashion?

What is high fashion? High fashion is the English fashion term for haute couture. These are clothes and accessories created by top designers. The credibility of the designer is a key feature of the term couture.

All the designs you see on the haute couture catwalk are there only once and will never be found in some random store or public place.

Characters with money will contact the brand after the end of the show, or right during the show to order. The design will be adjusted according to the body shape as well as the special requirements from the customer.

Most high fashion clothing is handcrafted, using the finest materials.


A dress that costs a kilometer of fabric by designer Giambattista Valli. Pictured is singer Ariana Grande at the 2020 Grammy Awards. Photo: David Fisher/Shutterstock

In France, the concept of haute couture is stipulated in the law, which states that haute couture products must be made by a leading designer, meeting the following elements:

Products are made to order only, with one or more accessories included. The garment factory must be located in Paris and employ at least 15 full-time employees. Every season (2 times a year), a presentation must be made. Collection for Parisian journalist wing reviews. The collection must contain at least 35 pieces for both day wear and night wear.

You can easily see that fashion shows haute couture always pioneering. It’s not the kind of thing that one can see a lot on the street. However, ordinary people like us still have the opportunity to wear similar costumes. The desire to sell to the masses with little money has pushed brands to the concept of high street fashion.

Learn about high street fashion and designs borrowed from couture


Leather outfit in the street style style personality of singer Amee. Photo: ameemee_m Instagram

Haute couture shows not only attract wealthy customers but also other companies, and then borrow innovative ideas to put on clothes sold to ordinary customers.

H&M, Forever 21, Primark or New Look are all such fashion brands. They transform haute couture garments into inexpensive, easy-to-wear garments that are relevant in the lives of the vast majority of customers. So you can always buy new models in the mainstream stores and dress them up as good as the stars.

Fashion street style/ready-to-wear Also known as fast fashion, is a cheap imitation of high fashion. Counterfeit goods hit the shelves very quickly. After each haute couture show, or just after high fashion photos and photoshoots are revealed online or in newspapers, popular brands will compete for imitations. Even if it is modified, the original is still a plagiarism. Therefore, street style goods are also called “low” fashion. If you go through Givenchy’s collections over the years, then go to Karmaloop or MLTD online stores, you will easily find tons of cheap imitations there.

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However, there are also cases where the opposite is true. Big fashion houses sometimes, even often, borrow ideas from street fashion. For example, street style hip-hop style, grunge style in the 1990s. Then gradually the line between low and high fashion became more and more blurred.

Blurred line between high fashion and street style


Grunge fashion never seems to die. Photo: rebelmarket

From about 2015 onward, high-end fashion and low-end fashion often go hand in hand. You see rappers appearing in fashion shows, pop music is also full of fashion, mixing “high” and “low-end”.

Shaping fashion styles is becoming more and more popular among young people, thanks to the great work of music and the Internet. Many streetwear (daily wear) are as expensive as high-end brands. Any price you can find on online shopping sites. Fashion today is not only an idea in the brains of top designers, but it comes from the very corners of the street.

What is high fashion and where is it during the pandemic?

The concept of luxury has almost been lost in 2020, when the catwalks, the red carpets of the awards ceremony were suspended to prevent the spread of the disease. People are more often at home than going out, so there’s no need to care about fashion anymore.

However, the fashion world has never sat idly by. Whenever they have the opportunity to “show their face” in public, fashionistas also make every effort to show their style through personalized masks. It is only in this context that people use masks as their fashion statement.

Masks are not fashion accessories, but they take up a large area of ​​your face. Therefore, brands from high-end to affordable are also not afraid to launch many models up to hundreds of dollars a piece and are highly practical.

For example, high-fashion designer Christian Siriano has launched a Black Crystal Mask for $595, made-to-order. Or the original $150 mask and scarf from St. John. However, on the online sales pages of brands, you will easily find extremely cheap mask sets for just under 15 USD.


High-end designer Christian Siriano’s face mask costs only $595! Photo: christiansiriano


The original $150 mask and scarf from St. John. Photo: stjohnknits

Fashion is always changing day by day. In any context, a fashionista can make herself outstanding. It doesn’t have to be a custom cut to show your personality and fashion style. Fashion you can buy, but style is yours. Just be willing to learn, find out how to coordinate, you can create your own style, leading the trend.

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Amidst countless similar faces, faded clothes worn just to cover the body, you can breathe life into the bland lives of those around you just by wearing a quality and innovative outfit. Hope the above information has helped you to understand what high fashion is.

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