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Smart is a word for someone who is more intelligent than people. If you want to better understand what intelligence is, don’t skip this article!

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What characteristics do smart people usually have?

What is intelligence?

Intelligent is an adjective indicating a person whose intellect is superior to that of a person; Ability to understand quickly and absorb all problems quickly. The phrase “smart” can also be interpreted to mean clever, quick-witted, knowing how to respond quickly to bad situations that come unexpectedly.


What is intelligence?

Synonyms, close in meaning to “smart” in the dictionary include: quick-witted, bright, wise… (You can refer to the dictionary definition of what intelligence is for more. HERE).

Is high IQ a smart person?

We often identify intelligent people by their intelligence quotient – IQ, but that is not enough. You also have to pay attention to the emotional quotient – ​​EQ. Really smart people have high IQ and EQ.

Why say IQ and EQ must go hand in hand? Looking at the reality you will see, people with high IQ are often more intelligent than people. They easily succeed in study and work; they easily get what they want such as a satisfying job, high salary, house, car… but they are also prone to egotism, so they easily fall into loneliness, depression…


Smart people often have high IQ and EQ

As for people with EQ, they may not have good achievements on the learning path, not be praised by teachers for studying well… but they are the real successful people when they leave school and stumble. with life. They understand and have control over their emotions. They are often great leaders who listen and respect those around them, know how to get people to get along…

A really smart person is not only better than someone in terms of knowledge and understanding, but they also always sympathize with the opposite person because of their sophistication and flexibility. They know how to handle any problems that arise and always have a certain influence on those around them.

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What characteristics do smart people usually have?

You have understood What is smart?, so do you know what the “identification characteristics” of smart people are? We will reveal to you now!

Good adaptability

Smart people are often very flexible and agile, so their adaptability is often at a “superior” level. They always react quickly and handle unexpected situations well. When they have to deal with new environments or strangers, they always maintain their confidence and bravery.


Smart people are often highly adaptable


Listening and empathizing with people around is also an expression of intelligence. Only people with wisdom and calm enough can listen attentively to other people’s problems, empathize with them and help them come up with appropriate solutions.

Know how to control yourself

People with high IQ and EQ often have very good self-control. They know how to control their own emotions, understand when to solve problems with reason and when they can let emotions take over. They are usually not impulsive, smart people always carefully plan carefully before embarking on something.


Smart people know how to control emotions


Do you believe that humor is also a trait of intelligent people? The truth is that, this has also been verified by scientists. In real life, you can easily see that smart people often know how to evoke a positive atmosphere with jokes. They create positive energy and pass it on to those around them. This is great, isn’t it?

Through the above article, you have understood What is smart? And know what characteristics intelligent people usually have? Let’s test to see if you’re a smart person!


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