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What is the jalapeno plant that makes many people curious. What is special about jalapenos and where to buy jalapeno peppers to ensure quality.


For those who like to eat chili, the discovery of different spiciness always makes them curious. And recently, the jalapeno variety has attracted the attention of many people. So, let’s learn about Golden Sun Seeds What is jalapeno? Please!

What is Jalapeno Chili?

Jalapeno Chilli – Chilli Jalapeno is one of the popular chili varieties in Mexico because of its hot spicy taste, thick skin, few seeds, and seeds that are easy to separate. Jalapeno peppers are green when harvested and will turn red if left unused for a long time, causing them to ripen. When smoked and dried, Jalapeno peppers are called Chipotle peppers.

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What is Jalapenos? The jalapenos (named after the town of Xalapa, Mexico, where they were first grown) have a spiciness of about 2,500 – 10,000 SHU. Often used for salads – pizza – soup, especially pickled or pickled.

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What characteristics does the jalapeno plant have?

Plant Height: 24-36 ins. (60-90 cm) 36-48 ins. (90-120cm)

Fruit shape: beveled, oblong

Fruit size:

Small (less than 2″ long) Medium (4″ to 6″ long)

Fruit color: Green turns red when ripe

Breed Type: Open Pollinated

Required pH for growing:

more than 9.1 (very alkaline)

Number of days needed to ripen:

Early (55-68 days) Medium (69-80 days)


Where to buy jalapeno peppers?

If you are looking for a place to sell jalapeno peppers, it is quite difficult, instead, why not grow these pepper plants yourself? It’s not difficult at all, the way to grow is similar to other plants.

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It is important that you find a good place to buy seeds. Golden Sun Seeds specializes in providing all kinds of chili seeds of all types, high quality, good price. With high germination rate and seedling quality, many customers have trusted and chosen us to nurture life.


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