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In the chat stories of adults, JAV is often mentioned and some people understand, some people don’t, and when children hear about it, they are also curious. So what is JAV?


The Adult Video or AV market accounts for a very large part of the industry in Japan, according to some 1994 statistics, the total number of AVs in Japan is about 14,000 while the whole US has only 2,500 AVs produced. There are about 10,000 women involved in this industry in Japan and more than 4000AVs are produced each month but the number of male actors in this industry in Japan is pitifully less than 70.

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Who is the JAV actor? And are JAV movies real?

Before becoming JAV actors, they were usually unpopular actresses, unemployed girls or prostitutes.

AV actresses usually selected by detectives within close proximity of Tokyo such as Roppongi, Shinjuku or Shibuya. These detectives are members of the gifted center, which will let AV production companies hire actors. Some people want to act in AV movies apply directly to manufacturers, but often they will be referred to talent centers. Film producers usually pay 1.5 million yen or more for an actress to act in a movie.


In AV productions, the audience gets to see an evolution of the AV actor’s performance, through one or several videos. In the actress’ first video, the actor is introduced as a “new face”, the actor’s inexperience is shown in the interview before modeling or erotic scenes. After this first video, the audience is treated to a journey of the actor through erotic scenes in specialized genres, with about 5 videos.

For each video that is produced, the actress will earn an amount equivalent to 200K to 4 million yen (equivalent to 42 million to more than 200 million VND) a huge number, isn’t it. Some industry insiders say some of the top stars in the JAV industry get paid up to 36 million yen for 8 pictures, it’s unbelievable

A lot of people who are new to JAV movies don’t know if it’s real or not. In fact, most of the actors are real, each film has a director, choreography, lighting, lighting, filming, make-up, and male and female actors each have their own scripts, following the script and the director’s requirements. .

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How many JAV actors are there in Japan and why are there so few actors?

In Japan, there are more than 10,000 actresses in the JAV industry, but there are only about 70 male actors serving in this industry. Why is the rate so low? It is simply because the self-esteem of Japanese men is extremely high and the nation’s long-standing culture of respecting men and women.

But in return, an average male actor will be paid about 50,000 yen (more than 10 million VND) for each movie, a day they usually act about 2 movies, so their income will be up to 10,000 yen / day ( equivalent to more than 20 million VND), an income equal to a professional athlete.However, these male stars often pay the price with a lonely life behind the limelight, they often don’t have a girlfriend or if they do, their lover can’t accept the profession their boyfriend does.

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Don’t think everything is too simple Don’t dream that you’ll be the male lead, have sex with all the girls, and then get a nice paycheck.? There is no such thing as a dream job in this world!

It’s not just about the actor’s lovemaking skills, but you should remember that every month 4000 AVs are produced and divided equally among 70 men, which is equivalent to gradually 600 AV each. If they work every day of the month, they have to work on 20 movies a day. Calculating the example of the actor once is standard enough, it is tiring enough, not to mention having to go back many times. Thinking back, have you felt terrible? Meanwhile, the above is only a small part of the pressure they have to go through

What do JAV actors do when they retire?

It is rare for AV actors to lead a normal and happy life after leaving the “set”. A small number of young girls join AV for a short time, and then turn to find a more mainstream life, but they can hardly avoid the prying and scornful glances when shopping for children or appearing. in parent meetings (which most parents know about this job by also watching xxx movies). Most of the girls who play “adult movies” do not want to give up their jobs with good salaries and the swirl of chaos that film production studios once brought. Therefore, 2/3 of the beauties of this era, if they have money, will be the bar owner, otherwise, they will have to accept to be a “prostitute” in the sauna.


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