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What is Kin (KIN)?

Kin is a new digital service ecosystem built on the Ethereum Blockchain platform. KIN is developed by the company Kik Interactive (Kik) from Canada (Kik one of the companies on social networking like Facebook and the leading messaging application is Kik Interactive, currently has more than 300 million users worldwide. ). The Kik Messenge free messaging app is the first digital service to join the Kin ecosystem, and thanks to its millions of existing users, Kik Messenge will help fuel the very fast Kin ecosystem.

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KIN Token is the cryptocurrency used in the ecosystem Kin to solve daily needs such as opening a secret group chat in Kik Messenge, furthermore will be buying and selling virtual goods, and even converting into real money… in their ecosystem. A special feature in the Kin ecosystem is that users are not required to buy cryptocurrency KINDInstead, you can earn KIN cryptocurrency by participating in events on KIK, or doing meaningful things for the Kin community such as detecting security holes…

Features and characteristics of Kin

Some features and characteristics of Kin consists of:

Integrating Kik into Kin: Kin will be accepted as the transaction currency inside the Kik app. With millions of monthly active users, Kik will push consumers to use Kin more, and at the same time. integrate the Kin wallet into the app, it will instantly become one of the most used cryptocurrencies in the world.Kin Rewards Engine: This is a feature like a KIN virtual currency reward for those who have a certain contribution in the overall Kin ecosystem. This feature will create an incentive for other digital service owners who want to advertise through Kin and become a partner in the Kin Ecosystem. Over time, the Kin Rewards Engine will be developed to function as a fully decentralized system based on smart contracts.

Kin .’s history and development roadmap

Kin .’s development team

Kin’s development team has key members including:

Ted Livingston is the founder and CEO of Kik and leads Kin’s vision. Founded in 2009, Kik is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, and has raised $120.5 million from investors including Tencent and Union Square Ventures.. Peter Heinke (CFO and COO, Kik). Prior to joining Kik, Peter spent more than 20 years researching finance, operations and strategy for both established companies and startups in the media, technology and transportation sectors.

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Eran Ben-Ari (CPO of Kik). Prior to joining Kik, he was VP of products at Rounds, an Israel-based media company, which joined Kik in early 2017. Eran brings research and learning experience to Kik. , where he oversaw production, lifecycle, and strategy. Eran is in the final stages of completing his doctorate at the Hebrew University’s Department of Business Administration.


In addition, there are other members like Dany FishelErin CliftDave SimonsEileen Lyon Lan…See details about Kin’s team on the website below!

Current exchange rate of KIN virtual currency


Buy and sell KIN coin on any exchange?


For the time being, you can trade virtual currencies KIND on many large and small exchanges around the world including: Bancor Network, ForkDelta, Mercatox, IDEX, Stellarport, Stellar Decentralized Exchange, YoBit, COSS, CoinFalcon, OTCBTC, Fatbtc, DDEX via KIN/BTC, KIN/ETH pairs or through KIN/CNY pairs. In which the volume of transactions through the exchange Bancor Network and ForkDelta is the largest.

Store KIN Token in which wallet?

Built on Ethereum’s blockchain platform, wallets can store digital coins KIND will be ERC20 compliant wallets, of which the most commonly used wallets currently are MyEtherWallet, Trezor, Ledger

If you are a regular trader, you can store it KIND coin directly on the e-wallets of the exchanges. And if you are a long-term investor and do not need to trade often, you should use the separate wallets that we have suggested for you above.

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Here are the things you should know about Kin (KIN) digital virtual currency, Hopefully through the article will help you get an overview of KIN coin. If you have any questions or want to share your knowledge about cryptocurrencies KIND With us, please contact us in the comment section below, we will answer you as soon as possible. Finally, don’t forget Like, Share and give us a 5 star rating below to support Cryptocurrency Blog Please.


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