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In this article I will guide you more Free SSL with Let’s Encrypt.

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If you do not have the conditions, or do not want to pay for SSL.

Then this will be a way to install SSL for the website.


What is Let’s Encrypt?

As I said and explained about SSL is now an indispensable part of every website. See details here.

And if you are planning to use an SSL, learn the types of SSL first.

Let’s Encrypt is a provider Free SSL, for the purpose of creating to provide SSL certificates to the community.

It is a project of the Internet Research Group, a community service association.

Let’s Encrypt is sponsored by many companies including Google, Facebook, Sucuri, Mozilla, Cisco, etc.

So you can completely trust it.

Instructions to install SSL Free from Let’s Encrypt

Now let’s start the SSL installation with Let’s Encrypt.

Quite simply because there are a number of hosting providers that already support it.

Use a hosting provider with free SSL

Let’s Encrypt has become very popular now, and free SSL is available in the control panel.

The simplest way to add free SSL is to use these tools.

Each vendor has a different tool and different installation, but basically there is not much difference.

Install Free SSL on SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the most trusted and popular hosting companies, with built-in free SSL installation tool.

Hawk has also used SiteGround for several projects.

Here’s how to enable Let’s Encrypt free SSL in SiteGround.

Simply log into your cPanel dashboard and scroll down to Security.

There you will need to click on the . icon Let’s Encrypt.


That will take you to the Let’s Encrypt settings page. You will need to select the domain name where you want to use the free SSL, and then provide a valid email address.


You can now click on the install button. Let’s Encrypt will issue a separate SSL certificate for your website.

Once it has completed, you will see a success message.


That’s all it takes, you have successfully integrated Let’s Encrypt free SSL to your WordPress site.

However, this is still not possible, you will customize it on the website.

First you will need to update the URLs from http to https as well.

Don’t worry in the next part I will guide you.

Install Free SSL on DreamHost

DreamHost is another popular WordPress hosting provider that has a built-in tool to set up free SSL on any domain.

First you need to login to Dreamhost control panel. Select Domains, click Secure Hosting.


On the secure hosting page, you need to click on the “Add Secure Hosting” button to continue.

Dreamhost will now ask you to select the domain name you want to add SSL for.

The section below will give you an option to add a free SSL from Let’s Encrypt.

You need to make sure that this checkbox is ticked.


You can choose between options to add a separate IP to your domain name.

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This is not required, but it improves compatibility with older versions of Internet Explorer on Windows XP.

Click the button Add Now to complete the setup.

Dreamhost will now start setting up a free SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt.

You will see a success message like below:


So you have successfully added free ssl with Let’s Encrypt to your WordPress site on Dreamhost.

You still need to update the WordPress URL and fix the non-SSL protected content.

Install Let’s Encrypt SSL for free on other hosting

Let’s Encrypt SSL is an SSL certificate provider.

This means that if you have a domain name, you can add it to any hosting.

However, if your hosting does not offer simple tools like SiteGround or DreamHost.

Then you’ll need to go through a pretty detailed process.

If you use VPS and want to install Let’s Encrypt for free.

I will write in another post.

Update URL again after setting up SSL

After setting up a free SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt.

The next step is to redirect your URL from HTTP to HTTPS.

A normal website without an SSL certificate uses the HTTP protocol.

This is usually highlighted with the http prefix in web addresses, like this one.

https://webgiaidap.comIf you don’t change the URL, you won’t be able to use SSL.

With a brand new website

If you are installing free SSL on your new website, go to Dashboard » settings.

Update values WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) to use HTTPS.

And don’t forget to save your changes.


With long-used WordPress sites

If your site has been building for a while and has quite a bit of content.

Then changing all the URLs from HTTP » HTTPS will be quite time consuming.

You need to make sure all paths are passed.

The first thing you need to do is install and activate Really Simple SSL.


Everything will be done by this plugin for you.

Update URL on Google Analytics

If you have Google Analytics installed on your WordPress site.

Then you will need to update the URL section in settings.

Log in to the Google Analytics dashboard and click on “Admin” in the top menu bar.

Next, you need to click on Property Settings under its website.

There you will see a default URL selection. Click on HTTP and then select HTTPS.


Don’t forget to click the save button to save the settings.

That’s all, we hope this article helped you add free SSL in WordPress with Let’s Encrypt.

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If your website does not use SSL yet, we recommend that you install it immediately because Google has just announced since 2017 – SSL will be a mandatory criterion to evaluate the website’s ranking.


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