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Many people mistakenly believe that the loggia is the balcony. However, this is not entirely accurate because Logia and balcony are defined completely differently. So what is Logia? What is a balcony? What’s the difference between a loggia and a balcony? Let’s find out with An Loc interior design company below:

What is Logia?

Lot For Sale is the part of the corridor facing out and deeply rooted in the architectural plan of the house. To make it easier to understand, imagine the loggia as a drawer, pull it out, it is a balcony, inward, it is a loggia. The loggia is carefully shielded, with only one side in contact with nature. Standing at the loggia, you can only see the front, both sides are covered with walls, on top is the floor of the upper floor.

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Lo Gia is actually a way to call Vietnameseization, and according to English standards, it is Loggia means the external corridor in terms of architecture. There are two main types of lotteries:

Loyalty serving: Usually associated with toilets or kitchens.Lo Gia rest: Attached to the common room or bedroom.

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Beautiful luxury apartment block outside one bedroom


Beautiful villa lot with miniatures


Modernly designed luxury apartment block

What is a balcony?

Contrary to Logia, The balcony is the part of the corridor that goes beyond the house plan according to the console structure. Depending on the needs of use, the balcony may or may not need a roof. Standing at the balcony, we can see from 2-3 directions with a wide view. The case of seeing less than 3 directions is only due to being covered by the wall of the house next door. The types of villas, villas, French architecture, etc. often use balconies.

The advantage of the balcony is the beautiful, airy view. However, this will turn into a disadvantage if the weather is bad. The pouring rain and sunshine will cause a lot of inconvenience to daily life.

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Partially covered balcony of high-class apartment, with vivid miniatures


Balcony of luxury resort villa


Adjacent villa balcony with many green trees

Compare Lo Gia and Balcony

So that you can better understand the similarities and differences between the balcony and the Lo Gia. We have compared them in the table below:


Difference between loggia and balcony


Differentiate loggia and balcony

According to Vietnam construction standards TCXDVN 323: 2004 on high-rise housing design balcony used only the word 6th floor and below. That is, with housing from 6 floors or more only allowed to use Lot For Sale, not allowed to use the balcony. At the same time, the railing of the loggia must be at least high 1.2m and do not expose the bottom leg.

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