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Additionally, these b-strands also interact with the a5-helix (magenta) and may participate in front-to-back communication between these elements.

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In the print version, the blue may reproduce as dark purple-blue, the cyan as light blue, and the magenta as purple.
Magenta can generate and control magnetic fields, which she can use to move, lift, and manipulate ferrous metals.
The legs of the central figure are surrounded by small magenta horseshoe shapes, which infrared shows to have been first drafted as flowers.
The range of adjustment typically allows these colors to be adjusted from a green to a magenta believe T.
The flower is large, tubular shaped, its corolla is often pink or magentathough exceptionally seen white, about 2 inches long.
Growing to, it has a spreading habit, with stalkless toothed leaves and bright purple or magentascented flowers in summer.
In addition to the what is included in blackline, the magenta line includes the water that is permanently bound to the rock.

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