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Offside error in football

In football, one of the errors that we often see is “the offside in football”. So what is offside? How to catch offside in football? LionSport Football Center would like to send you an article about offside in football so that football lovers can better understand. We invite you to consult!

1, What is offside?

What does offside mean? Offside in Vietnamese is explained as follows: Viet means to rise above, Vi means position. Therefore, offside means the player’s position error when participating in the attacking ball.

In addition to learning the rules of football, players need to master the Basic soccer technique to be able to compete with high scores. The combination of technique with understanding of errors in football will help keep players from being caught offside in football.

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Offside in football

In addition, when reading a lot, you mistake the word offside for palsy because of the similar sound.

What is English offside? Offside in English is Offside.

How is offside calculated? Offside in football is counted in the following positions:

– Football player standing in the opponent’s field

– There are more than 2 opposing team players standing between the players and the end line of your team

– Is the offside player involved in the ball?

– The player standing in the attacking side of your goal

With the top 3 conditions, the goalkeeper is said to be a player of the opposing team, although the goalkeeper is in the lowest position, but at any time, the goalkeeper will belong to 2 players of the opposing team.

2, Offside in football

2.1, What is offside?

Offside in football is counted when a player is in an offside position, if the player is not involved in the ball, there will be no football offside. Conversely, a player who touches the ball or receives the ball from a teammate will be whistled by the referee for an offside violation as follows:

– Participate in ball situations

– Interfere with opposing players

– Deliberately taking advantage of offside

In addition, a player in an offside position who has contact with the ball and is not penalized will be in the following 3 cases:

– Make a throw-in

– Take a corner kick

– Perform a tee-off

2.2, When did the offside rule come into being?

At the end of the 18th century, the personal rule came into being when English schools started playing football. However, in this period, the offside rule of 11-person, 7-player and 5-a-side yards was much stricter than today.


What is the offside error?

Up to this point, FIFA has changed the football offside rule many times:

1848: The offside rule comes into play, complete with the Cambridge rule. Now the player understands what offside is. However, the law stipulates that there must be at least 4 opponents behind. 1866: New law also applies the Cambridge rule. The number of people was reduced to 3. In 1925: The law changed to less than 2 people and used until now. 2005: FIFA continues to change the law. The player is offside but is allowed to touch the ball from the pass or block the opponent’s intention. At that time, the referee did not give a penalty. 2013: The latest offside rule was changed by FIFA. Players are still allowed to touch the ball when the opponent passes it back. However, the opponent’s block, the player must not touch the ball. In addition, a Vietnamese player who intends to obstruct the defender of your team will be penalized.

5, Breaking the offside trap in football

Breaking the offside trap is that the striker must stand higher than the opponent’s defender relative to the goal line. When a teammate passes the ball, the striker immediately uses his fast pace to get ahead of the defender to receive the ball and score a goal. This is a convenient way to give an advantage to score goals into the opponent’s net.

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When participating in big teams, you will be taught how to break the offside trap with your teammates on the field. Breaking the offside trap is a skill every player needs, understandably you can trick the defender by standing lower, when your teammates are about to pass the ball, you use your speed to get ahead of the line. The defender receives the ball and scores. This is also a sharp football skill that strikers need to learn.


How to break the offside trap in football matches

6, How to break the offside trap in football

To break the offside trap in football, strikers or attacking midfield players must always be in front of the defenders compared to the touchline. If a teammate makes a pass and the striker is closer to the touchline than the defender, the striker will be in an offside position. The striker just needs to stand up on the defender for a bit, until his teammates pass the ball, the striker moves quickly past the defender to receive the ball and finish.

In short, we also do not pay too much attention to breaking the offside trap but fall into a state of being caught offside, leading to the attack not having time to react. The large space on the field would make the striker think it was an opportunity but it was not, the striker was caught offside by the opposing defender.

7, FIFA’s new offside rule in football

According to FIFA’s 2005 offside rule, “a player in an offside position if any part of his body touches the ball near the opponent’s end goal line relative to the opponent’s ball”, he will be disqualified. Vietnamese error status.

With the new offside rule, players will not be penalized for offside if they are in an offside position and receive the ball from an opponent’s tackle or pass.

In 2013, the new Vietnamese law 2013 was changed by FIBA ​​with a provision in article 11 of the FIFA Offside Law such as: “Players in an offside position can only continue to participate in the ball situation when the opponent intentionally pass the ball back. As for the situation when receiving the ball from the opponent’s block, the referee still blows offside.”

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In addition, the latest FIFA offside law also clearly stipulates the wording in blocking the opponent’s players as follows: “Blowing a free kick to a player has the direction of movement or has an impact that affects the ability to defend against opponents. the opponent’s position is in an offside position”.

Hopefully with the article about “the offside in football” of LionSport Football Center will help football lovers understand more about offside in football to avoid encountering in competition. Practice your skills to break the offside trap. Good luck!

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