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Many of you are confused between TV Anime, Anime Movie and OVA genres. So what do these terms mean and where do they differ? Let’s distinguish.

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When watching a certain Anime, you will probably at least once come across terms like TV Anime, Movie, OVA, OAD. Let’s learn some of these special terms right here.

TV Anime – TV series shown on TV

We can assume that TV Anime is an anime series that is broadcast on television in certain time frames. In other words, this is a TV series and is broadcast on the small screen so that anyone can watch it.


TV Anime can be Original Anime (Original Anime), typically Fairy Gone – a movie shown on television, anime adaptations of manga, anime adaptations of light novels/novels, anime adaptations games, anime adaptations of Visual Novels, anime adaptations of art books.


General features: Anime TV series are often shown on television or broadcast on live platforms like today, each TV Anime series has its own broadcast time frame of 1 episode. (There are some exceptions where the producer has shown all the episodes in one place like the ReLife series.)


An example for TV Anime is Non Non Biyori, this series has two seasons of TV Anime, Non Non Biyori and Non Non Biyori Repeat.

Anime Movie – Movie with a specific release date

Anime Movie will be understood as movies and will be shown in big theaters.

Although there are not many episodes, Anime Movie also has some similarities with TV Anime such as that it can be the original Anime, anime adaptations of manga, anime adaptations of light novels/novels, anime adaptations of games, anime adaptation of Visual Novel, anime adaptation of art books.

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General features: Anime Movies will usually be shown at cinemas and will have a specific release date and time, and the screening time will be extended based on the appeal of each different Anime series.


In addition, an Anime franchise will be able to have both TV Anime and Anime Movie because each Anime franchise is not limited in terms of format.


Example: Non Non Biyori Movie: Vacation is an Anime Movie of the Non Non Biyori brand.

OVA – Anime released as Video

This can be understood as Original Video Animation – A form of Anime that is launched as a video right away and is only created for the Video market.


Anime OVA series usually will not be broadcast on television and will not be shown in theaters, but will be released as Video to the market. Usually, OVAs will be released with the Light Novel/ Novel series. OVAs can also be released independently. OVA can also be the continuation of a TV Anime.


The reason for the appearance of OVA

The plot of the OVA is not in the main story line of any Anime or Manga franchise (which can also be understood as the case of side stories).

Because the content of OVAs is usually quite short (only about 1-2 episodes), it is not possible to have a certain broadcast time frame but must be released in DVD or BR format.

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The content of some OVAs is not suitable to be shown on TV (violent or sexual content)


Non Non Biyori has one more OVA called Non Non Biyori Repeat OVA


Above are the definitions of TV Anime, Anime Movie and OVA. However, you can still simply understand those definitions in the most concise way as follows:

TV Anime will be the series that will be broadcast on TV

Anime Movie is a movie that hits theaters and has a specific release date

OVA is a movie in video format and was originally formatted as OVA by the producer and will not be broadcast on TV or in theaters.

Through this article, you already understand and distinguish the genres of TV Anime, Anime Movie and OVA, right? Happy Anime watching everyone!

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