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What is PICC?

PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) – insertion of a central venous line from the periphery – is the procedure of inserting a central venous line (superior vena cava) from a peripheral vein. A long, small, flexible catheter is inserted from the peripheral brachial vein into the subclavian vein and terminated in the superior vena cava to the right atrium for the purpose of administering fluid therapy. especially.

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The PICC line can have one or more lumens, depending on the therapy indicated, which can be antibiotic infusion, analgesics, chemotherapy, parenteral nutrition, or blood sampling. repeatedly and repeatedly.

PICC can be performed by a specialist in an ultrasound and fluoroscopy-guided procedure. After the end of the course, the PICC is easily removed from the patient’s body.


Diagram illustrating placing PICC


Image of PICC catheter (catheter)

2.Why set PICC ?

Insertion of an IV (intravenous) intravenous line has the advantage that the procedure is simple (usually performed by a nursing nurse), the access is in the forearm or arm, so it is easy to manipulate. However, when the infusion line needs to be maintained for a long time, or when infused with high pressure, there is a risk of embolism, rupture of the vessel, or fibrosis of the vessel wall.

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Central venous catheter (CVC) has the advantages of large flow, low risk of embolism, can be maintained for a long time, repeated many times, and low risk of fibrosis. However, because it is placed in the neck area, it causes limitations and obstacles in the patient’s activities or when performing other procedures in the neck area. In addition, the more complex central venous catheterization is, the greater the risk of complications.

PICC is a compromise solution, combining the advantages and overcoming the disadvantages of traditional intravenous lines and central venous lines. The PICC is inserted from a peripheral vein (forearm, arm) so it is easy to manipulate, convenient for the patient in daily life, easy to care for, low risk of complications and at the same time ensures high pressure low risk of occlusion. On the other hand, performing PICC placement is also less invasive, less complicated than central venous catheterization.

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When is a PICC required?

– Prolonged IV antibiotic treatment

– Traditional intravenous lines are not effective, do not guarantee pressure or often break.

Therapy that requires repeated IV placement;

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