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iPhone and iPad are the most popular products in Vietnam, users have many options in terms of price, usually new products with 100% original Seal, not yet activated, will have a high price, while other devices will have a high price. Old machines are cheaper, but many of you consider the quality as well as the quality of the warranty. Therefore, Pre-Owned iPhones and iPads are a perfect choice when they have a soft price and still ensure the quality of new machines, fully enjoying Apple’s warranty policies. Pre-Owned Goods or Certified Pre-Owned, let’s find out in detail through this article.

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Certified Pre-Owned products are boxed with almost no difference from Brandnew products

1. What is iPhone, iPad Certified Pre-Owned?

iPhone 6 Plus Pre-Owned is a new phone product (No one has used it yet) with a completely new serial and imei number manufactured from a number of components guaranteed from Apple itself. Still with genuine Apple 12 month warranty


The box is distinguished by the words Apple Certified Pre-Owned

The errors encountered can be hardware errors or simply minor scratches, Apple will test, fix and repackage them, making them a perfect, almost original product to return to. market. An Apple “Certified Pre-Owned” product comes with all the same accessories as a Brandnew product and enjoys the same genuine warranty as new. Simply put, these are new phones (Never used) with new IMEI and Serial numbers that are completely manufactured from some components of Apple’s own components. These types of products are newly manufactured and ensure the entire process and standards for releasing a new product.

Features of Pre-Owned products

* New machine in box, packed with 100% zin accessories

* Not activated enough warranty, enough genuine Apple 12 month warranty

* White box with the word Pre-Owned


Customers will be able to manually peel off the product activation seal, the quality is like a new machine

2. Certified Pre-Owned iPhone, iPad products have quality assurance or not?

As analyzed above, a product labeled “Certified Pre-Owned” is subjected to rigorous testing steps monitored and performed by Apple itself such as:

– Comprehensive inspection from form to internal hardware

– Replace defective or defective components if detected, new replacement components are all standard Apple components.

– The device will undergo a complete refresh

– Carefully packed including 100% new accessories

The device will be reset to the original operating system and will be provided with a completely new IMEI and Serial according to the standard Apple certified “Certified Pre-Owned”.

– Final inspection before being shipped back to the market.


Certified Pre-Owned products are cheaper than new machines, but are assured of better quality than old machines

So you can rest assured about the quality. When I go to buy iPhone iPad Certified Pre-Owned Users can still manually peel off the product Seal, activate the warranty by themselves and enjoy all the same policy benefits as a 100% new machine. Check IMEI or Serial of the products Certified Pre-Owned On the Apple homepage, there will be a notice that it has not been activated, and if you install a sim card, there will be 12 months of Apple’s warranty left.

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Certified Pre-Owned products that have not yet been activated and are covered by Apple’s 12-month warranty

3. What are the benefits when buying iPhone, iPad Certified Pre-Owned

The most obvious advantage of the goods Certified Pre-Owned Compared with new products 100% Brandnew is about cheaper. For example, iPhone 6 Plus 16Gb with unactivated seal with full warranty, priced at 12 million290, the Pre-Owned product is only priced at 11,990, 300K cheaper, but all are new, sealed, with only 1 small difference in text. Apple Certified Pre-Owned on the box.

While compared to the old product, although the “Certified Pre-Owned” machines have a higher price, if calculated carefully, the price difference is not many users will feel more secure because the Certified Pre-Owned will have:

Zin 100% accessory set for charging headphone cable with retail price of up to a million dong when purchased separately. Original Seal machine, users can manually peel off the activation seal The machine is still under warranty compared to the old machine with only 3 warranty – 6 months No need to test the tester when buying.

Obviously “Certified Pre-Owned” will bring more peace of mind than the old machine but the price is softer than the new Brandnew machine.


Users will own genuine zin accessories when buying products Certified Pre-Owned

4. What to keep in mind before buying iPhone, iPad Certified Pre-Owned

The most important thing is that you need to choose a reputable system before buying products Certified Pre-Owned, because most of these machines are imported in the form of portable, warranty directly at the stores. Users need to ask for a commitment to product quality, if it is not the same as the goods Certified Pre-Owned, If the accessories are fake or the machine is at fault, how should you compensate? Is there a refund or warranty policy…


Smart Mobile is a reputable distributor of iPhone and iPad products Certified Pre-Owned

5. Distinguish Certified Pre-Owned from Refurbish and Returned Warranty.

Refurbish goods Used phone products are refurbished (cases, fix errors) by 3rd companies and sold to users. Also certified by Apple, these products are still sealed, have not been activated, there are machines with enough warranty for 12 months, but many devices will be drifted, or not enough Apple’s 12-month warranty after activation. use.

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Floating Goods Warranty are products manufactured under a separate Serial and only bare machines, produced by Apple in reserve and sold to distributors for warranty exchange when the machine is faulty. These warranty exchange machines are also unactivated machines, but after activation, the remaining warranty period will be drifted, equal to the remaining warranty period of the previous faulty machines and of course will no longer be enough. 12 more months.

Currently, Smart Mobile is the leading distributor of iPhone and iPad products, in addition to 100% new and used machines, the system also has a lot of products. Certified Pre-Owned Guaranteed and committed to quality. You can go through the system of Smart Mobile Showrooms nationwide for the best experience and support

Please see more at:

Smart Mobile system currently has 15 main locations nationwide – 119 Thai Thinh – Thinh Quang – Dong Da – Hanoi – 208 Xa Dan – Phuong Lien – Dong Da – Hanoi – 95 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay Hanoi – 65 Ham Nghi – Thanh Khe – Da Nang – 95 Ham Nghi – Thanh Khe – Da Nang – 392 Hoang Dieu – Ward 5 – District 4 – HCMC – 602 Le Hong Phong – Ward 10 – District 10 – City. HCM– 699 Le Hong Phong – Ward 10 – District 10 – HCMC– 701 Le Hong Phong – Ward 10 – District 10 – HCMC– 325 Hoang Van Thu – Ward 2 – Tan Binh District – HCMC– 482 Quang Trung – Ward 10 – Go Vap District – 55 3/2- Xuan Khanh – Ninh Kieu District – Can Tho – 467 Luong Ngoc Quyen – Thai Nguyen City – 56 Tran Hung Dao, Hai Duong City

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